Posie Starts Nursery!

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Posie Starts Nursery!

Three minutes ago, or so it feels, Posie was born and I was holding her tiny, beautiful hand as I fed her on the constant and gazed at her perfect face every second of every day. The three seconds actually, as it turns out, is three years and though that feels impossible, here we are. I’m still holding her tiny hand and still gazing at her perfect face as I feed her in what feels like on the constant but… She’s now not a baby anymore, but a tiny girl of three, who this week has started nursery for the first time! It’s a big milestone for Posie, and it’s a big milestone for me. I don’t think either of us are keen but… Well, we’ll try a few moments not holding each other’s hand and hope it does all the good we keep being told it will!

Posie was trepidatious but she did magnificently on her first visit. One hour, with only 20 minutes of me waiting in the car and when I went to pick her up she said she wanted to stay which was both heart breaking and amazing! Heart breaking because oh boy… I’m not ready. But amazing because she deserves to have the very best time! She is bright and brilliant and will have SO much fun!

And other firsts this week came with a first ballet class without Mummy by her side. This didn’t go so well. I think she wasn’t quite expecting 45 minutes without being able to see me but she did come out smiling by the end…

And as if that wasn’t enough, she had a first proper visit to the dentist too! Whoop, whoop Posie! Here’s to the two and a half days when she’s at home with me I say!

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