Dearest Raffie – You’re TWO Months Old!

Dearest Raffie,

I always say this but seriously, where does the time go?! Literally two seconds ago you were being born and now you are two months old and your first Christmas is about to be upon us!

It really only seems seconds since you were in my arms for the first time and now I can’t imagine a time when you weren’t there! This week we went to see the consultant who delivered you to talk to him about the traumatic way you entered the world! I’m not in the slightest bit depressed because of the amazing care you and I had (I had thought I might have been) so we owed this consultant, Mr Bircher, quite a big thank you don’t you think!

It felt funny to be going back to the Norfolk and Norwich maternity department, especially as you are so big now. Not really of course but you are 11lb 4oz which is the biggest baby we have ever had. Florence was 14 week’s old by the time she reached this level of chub and Jimmy was 11 – you are feeding so well, I am pleased as when you had your vaccinations this week it made you very sick but you still kept feeding, and you are such a happy baby, you make Daddy and me so so happy every single day.

You also make Florence and Jimmy super happy and the other day, when we had a big family argument putting the tree up (it was not the magical moment with mulled wine simmering and Michael Buble simpering but more of a Daddy storm off, a Mummy shout, a big sister burst into tears and a big brother threaten to leave home at the age of 5) Jimmy said he wanted to live on his own, actually not on his own OWN but that he would take you with him. That’s how much he loves you – he’d take you out of the mad house to escape alongside him! We still have to decorate the tree my little one and I promise when we add your special bauble, a polar bear with your name on it just like the rest of us have, that we won’t be arguing and no one will want to leave home – oh the joys of parenting three on little sleep…

We have more smiles than tantrums I promise!

You have been to the theatre for panto, on our favourite Christmas jaunt to Willows Farm to meet Father Christmas, to a buggy launch party where celebrities like Aston from JLS fell for your charms, to press shows and park trips and shopping and more to the point just having lots of cuddles on the sofa with me! Your smile comes every day and you give Florence the most beams while you giggle lots in your sleep and make my hormonal eyes prick with tears of joy every time you do! Sleep… Ah sleep! You do a BIT of this I have to admit… But not a tremendous amount… You sleep for a bit in your crib but much prefer to be in my arms and we have just got a Sleepyhead which is suitable for co-sleeping and this will make me feel much less worried I’m sure. Because I do worry. All the time. About all three of you. Having a trio of amazing babes is wonderful but the worry because I love you all so much is definitely going to turn me grey!

At Willows Farm with friends!
Aston couldn’t wait to have his picture taken with you – of course!
My baby boy and me at the panto!

I love watching you learn, look at everything and take it all in! I adore to see you striving to be able to do the next thing just like your big sister was when she was a baby! But don’t do everything so fast will you… Can we make time just go a little slower while still having this much fun?! I guess not so here’s to the whirlwind as it keeps rushing past – it’s all the more brilliant with you. We’ve been just waiting for you to come along and make us feel this happy and we didn’t even know it! We do now!

I can’t wait for your first Christmas dearest Raffie!

Three is the magic number! Happy Christmas from us! x