Dearest Raffie – You Are Two Years Old!

Dearest Raffie – You Are Two Years Old!

Dearest Raffie,

You are Two years old today!

As I lie in bed writing this at quarter to six in the morning I am listening to you sniffly breathe next to me – you never sleep in your own bed but that’s ok because itvs the loveliest sound in the world and I love you being close! You are still a baby really – with your tiny self and lack of hair people think you are much younger than two being impressed with how much you can do and making you be able to get away with lots! And at the same time you are a real grown up toddler with very definite ideas about what you want to do and when you want to do them!

You don’t speak much but you CAN when you choose to making you a real monkey. You love to say ‘door there’ as we walk down the hotel corridor on our way to the swimming pool passing a hundred doors and ‘shoe on’ is another fave – you’re VERY keen on shoes!

You are funny and sweet and bad tempered and grumpy, you still breast feed and you adore Florence and Jimmy almost as much as you love Shaun the Sheep, or shoo shee as you say! You are scared of most animals and have fun at Ggymboree and swimming. Your smile brings joy to the whole family. You make us laugh baby boy, the one who calls me Mamum and you call Gram, Mumum and now you’ve started to call Florence a version of Mummy too… We all just devote ourselves to you and with Jimmy you get to sit in his Lego bag and be a big boy which you adore while with Daddy you are so in love with him, every time he’s nearly home from work you recognise the time and go to the window to wait for him.

I’m not sure where two years went because they’ve simply evaporated while we had fun – I have lots of fun with you my baby boy, you just make me so happy!

09.36 – 2 years to the minute that this little beaut was born!

Happy, happy birthday little one!