Discover Again!

Discover Again!

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I’m back in London after a gorgeous break at my Mum’s following the Easter weekend! I loved catching up with family and friends and we totally made the most of being there visiting the Castle Museum (review to come in a later post), a local farm and having treats with Florence. Back at home and I’m busy, busy, busy… I’ll never learn will I! There’s been much in the press and talk between my circle of friends also about the fact that people are choosing not to immunise their children either believing the completely discredited information linking the MMR to Autism or believing in self healing! I have been concerned to discover there is a bank of women like this in my area and feel very strongly that they are putting not only their own children at risk but also others including my new baby. I just hope I don’t come into contact with any of them and their potentially infectious children at play groups! Vaccines are there for a reason and there is no reason why, in this day and age, children should be in danger of contracting potentially fatal illnesses. If there’s a vaccine there I believe they should use it and be put on the child protection register if they are neglectful. They are wilfully allowing their children to be vulnerable. I just don’t get it at all. I understand natural parenting ideas and wanting to be as natural as possible but there’s natural parenting and then there’s just utter stupidity! Anyway, I caused a big furore on my FaceBook page by making a similar comment so hopefully have given my friends some food for thought. I don’t really care if I offend anyone with my opinion, I believe it’s worth offending if it shocks just one person into thinking differently about their choices and how they may affect other people too!


We had a lovely time at my Mum’s where Florence discovered Magnums!

The poor cat got a lot of affection whether it liked it or not!

Florence enjoyed a spot of bird watching!

And she got a bit obsessed with this old picture of me with my oldest friend when we were fourteen and off to new schools. Check out my gorgeous blue uniform… Although I think it was slightly better than Angela’s snot green number!

We had to come back home really because luckily we’ve had lots and lots of super exciting things to do, one of which was an invite to the launch party of the new exhibition at one of our favourite places to visit in London, The ‘Discover’ Story Centre in Stratford! We simply love visiting this giant playground which is suitable for children of all ages (we first went with Florence when she was about 6 months old) and it’s the most superb value day out this side of England! We’ve been annual members ever since we visited to review it last year when my review was so popular it was even published in ‘Junior Magazine’! How good is that! So when we first visited there was a ‘Charlie and Lola’ exhibition in their downstairs room which was quite exciting for us especially as ‘Charlie and Lola’ author Lauren Child is my step mother’s cousin! After that came the superb ‘Monsters’ exhibit which became so much a part of our activities each week that we can’t get to Stratford tube station without Florence asking if we’re going to see Monsters! I must admit when I was told it would be leaving for something new I was a little saddened. It felt like the end of an era for us for we have had so many great times both on our own and with pals at the exhibit. Still, I was more than happy to come and learn more when we were invited to the party!


We were not disappointed that’s for sure. Florence entered the ‘Hooperhero’, as she calls it, area with a rather confused look on her face; it must have been quite strange for the door to look so similar but the contents of the room so utterly different to her expectations. It didn’t take long for her to adjust however and within minutes she was running round lapping up all the new scenery and by the end of the party she most certainly didn’t want to leave, monsters couldn’t be further from her mind and she talked of ‘hooperheroes’ all the way home! What did we see? Well, Alphabet City is a typical Gotham type City at little people’s height. In the middle of the Street which has a vets surgery and grocery store amongst many other buildings is a huge New York taxi to be driven off into the night with the front drop of a cinema screen providing the visuals for your little one’s journey. The shops are stocked with play food, have cash registers and shopping trolleys, there is a building site with wheel barrows and bricks, a spy room where you can keep a close eye on what’s going on in the City of Alphabet and amongst other things an area to change into a bona fide Superhero so that you can save the City from any impending disasters! This place is a dream of magical imagination inspiration for children, well, did I really expect anything less? As a member of ‘Discover’ and a frequent visitor, no, not really!


Florence having an absolute ball at the new ‘Superheroes’ exhibition at ’Discover’!


The thing about ‘Discover’ is that the people who work there are really passionate about what they do and last night couldn’t have confirmed to me more that their passion and creativity is why this place works so well. They rely heavily on charity, I wouldn’t imagine they draw big salaries and all the achievements, including the new exhibition, is the product of seriously hard work. Seriously hard work which seems to be given with effortless generosity and with streams of volunteer workers on their side also! I spoke with one of the founders last night who told me about the start of ‘Discover’ over a decade ago and how proud he is today of what the place has become. He said, in short, it’s great because of the team and because of Sally who is at the helm. I couldn’t agree more, they’re a wonderful bunch of people and we have a lot to thank them for. My only criticism is that there isn’t a ‘Discover’ in every City in the country, this is JUST what our children need in their lives and every family could afford an annual pass because thankfully, they make it affordable and when I say for everyone, I mean everyone! It’s not expensive (and a good job too, round of applause to them for that) but it is worth its weight in gold! Can you believe that if I lived in Norwich still, it would actually be cheaper for me to book a bargain priced pre booked round ticket to Stratford every fortnight and take my family there than lots of the days out on offer in Norfolk! Absolutely barmy that other Cities can’t follow ‘Discover’s‘ example and do something for our children rather than always be driven by profitable gain!


Thanks for a great party ‘Discover’! This is me enjoying a cocktail for the first time in, oooh, months and months!


There’s also lots of other things at ‘Discover’ that really shouldn’t be missed; indoor and outdoor activities include slides, climbing frames, drawing walls, craft tables, story areas, dancing areas and so much more I couldn’t possibly write it all down without forgetting at least 100 things! The summer is the perfect time to visit because the garden is a perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and play whilst having a picnic or something delicious from the reasonably priced cafe! You can sit, watch your children play and just enjoy their happiness while they learn and grow. What could be better than that!? Of course now they also have the opportunity to enjoy the ‘Superhero exhibition’! ‘Monsters’? ‘What Monsters’?


Discover’(in Stratford, East London) individual prices start from £4.50 but there are various discounts and children under two go free. Annual passes start from as little as £25 and if you pay by Direct Debit you will get an extra two months for free. For more information check out their website and enjoy!


Well, we’re looking forward to a summer at ‘Discover’ and plenty of picnics in their wonderful garden with our friends who are mostly all members as well! Another thing we’re awaiting with baited breath is the 2012 In the Night Garden Tour! It was so super fantastic last year and we simply can’t wait to take Florence again! I expect I won’t take the baby and it’ll be a treat just for just Florence and a friend! It’ll be a good opportunity to do something just with her and make her feel special if she’s feeling a bit pushed out because of the baby. Obviously I hope she won’t be so have lots of things planned to ensure that doesn’t happen and this is one of them… I have to say, it won’t just be her who’s excited to see the 2012 show because I had an absolute ball when we went last year myself! I’m such a big kid! What’s even better is that again this year I am able to share a family ticket with one of my lucky readers as I am able to run a competition to the show! How brilliant is that!? If you would like to be the lucky family receiving a complimentary ticket then just read on to find out how:




Top-selling children’s show, In the Night Garden Live, is back by popular demand with a new 2012 tour and we have tickets to give away! The smash-hit show brings the world of In the Night Garden to the stage with children able to see their favourite CBeebies’ stars Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends up close.


In the Night Garden Live takes place in its own all-weather, purpose-built inflatable showdome with many family-friendly facilities. This site-specific structure proved to be a huge hit with children and parents on its previous tours and this summer will be travelling to 3 London venues: the Live Quarter at The O2 (24 May to 9 June); Old Deer Park, Richmond (16 – 30 June); and Brent Cross (7 – 22 July).


To be in a chance with winning a family ticket (for 4 people, minimum 1 adult), please answer the following question:


Q: What does Makka Pakka like collecting?


Email your answers plus the info stated below to [email protected] by midnight on Wednesday 9th May


Please provide your name, email address and contact number, as well as stating which venue and performance you would like to see. No cash alternatives, accommodation or travel are provided in this competition. The tickets are non-transferable and subject to availability. For further show information or 0333 300 0023.



While we’ve been out and about on our travels we’ve been testing more yummy baby snacks which can be purchased at very reasonable prices in ‘Asda’ stores nation wide. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Annabel Karmel range in particular her super healthy yet tasty rice cakes:


47p for 20g


My little one has always enjoyed rice cakes and they are the perfect alternative to a bag of crisps which often contain lots of salt. Obviously being Annabel Karmel you are assured of quality and when you shop in ‘Asda’ you are assured of the best prices too! There are lots of the things in the range which come with Disney characters on the packaging making them all the more enticing but without a premium in price for the pleasure and little ones go made for them! I always have snacks with me as the mother of a toddler and I like the way lots of these ones are individually wrapped, full of flavour without being full of additives and most importantly easy on the pocket!


Another great thing about ‘Asda’ that you may not know is that they are giving out FREE FOLIC ACID to all women who are pregnant or trying to conceive! From 23rd April they will be handing it out with a ‘Healthy Pregnancy Guide’ produced by the baby charity Tommy’s as part of their in store Baby Event! ‘Asda’ is championing the FREE FOLIC ACID give away because according to studies one in three women do not take this very necessary supplement because they are unaware of its importance! ‘Asda’ want to ensure that regardless of where you live, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, you will get the FREE three months supply, now how good is that?! Certainly not to be sniffed at, that’s for sure!


Faisal Tuddy, deputy superintendant pharmacist at Asda said: “Asda Pharmacy puts customers’ needs first, and expectant mums are no different. Folic Acid is an essential supplement required during pregnancy to reduce a number of risks including neural tube disorders in babies so we’re delighted to be able announce this commitment to providing folic acid free of charge to those who need it.”


“Working in partnership with Tommy’s, we will continue to help provide support and advice for women trying for a baby, mums-to-be and new mums. Women can visit any Asda Pharmacy, at any time, for information or guidance on pregnancy starting from as early as the pre-conception stage – and it costs nothing.”


A visit to Asda Pharmacy will also give women immediate access to a fully qualified health professional who can offer invaluable advice on health, diet and tips for sustaining a healthy pregnancy. Through the partnership with Tommy’s, Asda Pharmacy will be giving away, free of charge, the Tommy’s ‘Having a Healthy Pregnancy’ Guide, an indepth support book full of lifestyle advice on diet and nutrition, weight management, exercise, smoking cessation and general well-being to help women maximize their pregnancy health from planning through to birth. This pregnancy guide is currently the only extensive free expert-endorsed publication available to new mums and includes contributions from both medical and health professionals.


Dr Beckie Lang, Health Campaigns Manager at Tommy’s added: “We’re delighted to be supporting Asda Pharmacy’s Folic Acid initiative. At Tommy’s, we believe that every parent has the right to a sound pregnancy and healthy baby. Our partnership with Asda allows expectant mums to pick up our guide ‘Having a healthy pregnancy’ in store for free, together with the Folic Acid. We are hopeful that increasing access to these benefits will ultimately lead to fewer problems in pregnancy for women across the UK.”


Visit your local Asda Pharmacy or if you’re not sure where that is you can find details at the store locator at Asda Pharmacy is availabile in 218 Asda stores.The Asda baby event takes place in store and online from 23rd April – 14th May.


About Folic Acid

Folic acid can reduce the risk of neural tube defects, such as Spina Bifida, in babies. While some foods are good sources of folate, folic acid in it’s natural form, its not enough to give you the amounts you need during pregnancy.

Department of Health information on Folic Acid can be found here:




After all the snacking our little ones do, be it healthy or otherwise, it’s important to remember to brush little teeth. When Florence went to the dentist recently I was told she had incredibly well looked after and brushed teeth but I sometimes fail to see how they can have been seen to be when I know how difficult it is to get her to brush, or allow us to brush, them properly!

She can be a little devil really and one minute will let us when the next she will scream blue murder if we try. She likes, as with most things, to do it herself! She’s a very independent and strong minded girl which is great in so many ways but means we often have to pin her down and force the tooth brushing while she screams. I hate that. She likes to just chew on her brush meaning they don’t last very long and they don’t really get brushed so we think we’ve found a bit of a solution. It’s not perfect but it definitely helps and is a bit of a compromise. ‘Brush-Baby’ is a company specialising in dental care for the 0-6 age range and they have designed and made a chewable toothbrush (RRP £4.99)! This is a dentist designed toothbrush/teether which fits in the mouth and due to its shape can reach back teeth too. It is made from soft silicone and is BPA free. It has a top layer and bottom layer each with tiny little bristles. Now you can use it as just a teething accessory and if you place in the fridge will give off a cooling sensation to sore gums but you can also layer each side with toothpaste, give it to the chewy tooth brusher and let them go! It is long and thin meaning it could get to the back teeth if they chewed it that way but I have noticed Florence isn’t always keen on doing this making it a great idea and a helpful product but not perfect – still, what is? I’m still quite impressed with it as she does chew it and I know that it IS cleaning her teeth at the front at least. ‘Brush-Baby’ recommends the product from 0-3 and it’s an ideal way of introducing toothpaste in a child’s mouth as it is something they can cope with on their own and not have forced upon them. In light of the fact that I can’t guarantee Florence will get her back teeth done but that it is a product she likes and in theory is doing the job it should with little fuss from her we have compromised; we now use the chewable toothbrush in the mornings and have the fight with a regular toothbrush of an evening. Eventually I’m sure she’ll realise if she just chews the back she can have the ‘Brush Baby’ chewable toothbrush, which she prefers, both ends of the day!

Florence giving it a good go with the ‘Brush-Baby’ chewable toothbrush!

Brush-Baby’ recommend in conjunction with their toothbrushes that you use their Baby and Toddler Toothpaste (RRP £2.35). We really liked this as it has such a delicious smell and isn’t too much like an adult toothpaste taste which I’m sure puts little ones off somewhat before you’ve even started. It has a gentle Applemint flavour which is supposed to be gentler on a little person’s taste buds and I think it works, Florence was certainly keen. It also doesn’t foam up as much as regular toothpaste which is a plus. All in all we thought this product was really rather great! The toothpaste is low in fluoride (500ppmF) to protect developing adult teeth ( if you live in an area with high fluoride in the water you need to avoid fluoride in toothpaste as too much can discolour teeth), contains Xylitol which fights decay-causing bacteria and reduces the acid (which attacks teeth) in the mouth and is SLS free.


Brush-Baby’ products are available in major retailers, dentists, pharmacies and specialist baby shops where prices may vary according to special offers at the time of purchase. For more information on all their products please see their website


Now, just before I launch into my pregnancy diary I must tell you about something we are doing for Florence for when the baby comes. I briefly mentioned in my post last week about hospital bags that we are packing one for her because at some point or another it is likely she will go and stay with a Grandparent. Now she knows when the baby comes home it will be bringing her a present – she’s informed me of that one and has a very firm idea of what this should be! What she doesn’t know is that she will be getting a gift when she actually goes to stay the night at Gram’s too! Well, I do want her to feel special. Firstly there’ll be the Croyde B Flashing back pack itself which I reviewed last week but secondly she will be taking her new ‘Pillow Pet’ by ‘Mookie Toys’ with her! Now Florence, who loves nothing more than flicking through the Argos Catalogue and watching adverts, always let’s me know what she’s interested in and she’s been talking about ‘Pillow Pets’ for the longest time! I was very handily sent one for review and have been saving it for this special occasion as I know how much she’s going to love it! I’ve felt a bit bad knowing we had it and how much she wants one and not giving it to her but I know it’s going to be the perfect distraction for her when she might be missing us! It’s a gorgeous soft premium quality plush toy made of chenille and it’s not just a toy, no Siree, it has a rather practical purpose too! I thought it was just a soft toy which folded up and made a pillow. Fair enough I thought, that’ll come in handy and be a nice thing to take away on holiday and on car journeys. I had no idea it actually provided extra storage as well! Florence is the one who informed me of all it can do! She said recently ‘I would like a ‘Pillow Pet’ and I’m going to wrap my jammies up inside it!’ So, it turns out that not only is it the soft toy and the pillow but it also is a kind of bag too! In her actual bag will go her nappies, snacks, change of clothes and inside the Comfy PandaPillow Pet’ will be a beautiful new set of pyjamas that she’s going to love as they have a little bird on them! She is just going to be ecstatic! It wraps around with a firm Velcro strap which also has a material cover so that bits of fluff won’t impair it and I am actually very impressed with the manufacture in every way. There are loads of ‘Pillow Pets’ to choose from including Disney and Neon ones but I personally like the original animal and insect based ones… There’s the Ms. Lady Bug which is super cute and the Puffy Duck is rather appealing amongst many others but we have the Comfy Panda bear and he is just divine! He’s so soft and has the sweetest face! I can see him becoming a firm favourite and living on the bed for years to come. Florence doesn’t have a comforter but she loves soft toys and because this one can be a pillow too I’m sure he will be very comforting at night for her; especially when she is away from home and without me… I can’t wait to see her face when she sees him and I think I’ll be buying them for our friends too when its birthday times because they really are rather lovely, of superb quality and practical as well as being fun to play with!



If your little one fancies a ‘Pillow Pet’ of their own (and why wouldn’t they?) then check out the website for more details For more information on all ‘Mookie’ products (They have some other fantastic ones too) please see ‘Pillow Pets’ are available to buy online at Amazon.


And as I mentioned a few weeks ago we will be giving her a present from the new baby of a baby dolly of her own. Now what little girl hasn’t seen the adverts for Baby Annabell and given a massive sigh of desire?! Florence certainly has and I think she’ll be delighted to play with the new dolly on the block which looks great! I’ll be writing a comprehensive review of My First Baby Annabell – Time-to-Sleep just as soon as she’s been played with but for now take a look at her here for yourself. Doesn’t she look great!


Sleep easy with my first Baby Annabell Time-to-Sleep



Nothing could delight your little one more that the beloved my first Baby Annabell Time-to-Sleep doll, adored by little girls everywhere.


My first Baby Annabell Time-to-Sleep has innovative sleep-time functions allowing her to fall into a peaceful sleep with the help of your little one.


When my first Baby Annabell Time-to-Sleep is tired and wants to snooze, children can help their sleepy little doll to feel more comfortable by touching under her arms and placing her head on her pillow, she will then stir and make baby sounds until she falls sound asleep. There will be no more late nights for your little one when cuddled up to her adorable sleeping doll.


A charming take on the original Baby Annabell, my first Baby Annabell’s super soft body makes hours of hug-ability a total guarantee. Little girls everywhere will run to their beds, excited to dream sweet dreams with their cuddly and lovable sleep time doll, ensuring a perfect night’s sleep for everyone.


Suitable for girls aged one plus, the doll is priced around £29.99 and available at all good retailers nationwide.




Well, I had my scan and am very happy to report that all is well! Growth is as expected for this amount of weeks and the baby has an estimated weight of 6lb 4oz! I bet they’re wrong though and it’ll be about that when it’s born cause that was pretty much what Florence was and I can’t see it being bigger! My lovely friend Denise came with me to the scan as Jonny was working and she looked after Florence who was very insistent that the baby is a baby sister. I said ‘What will we call it if it turns out to be a baby brother’? She said ‘Urrrm, well call it baby sister’! Think we know what she’s hoping for! That and her present from the ‘baby sister’ of course! I told the sonographer that I didn’t want to know the sex of the baby but I was worried I would see as it was such a late in the day scan. I needn’t have feared, could make out even less than normal on this one! I didn’t even get a picture as would never have been able to make head nor tail of it! We have decided against the birthing centre that I thought about should I choose not to have my home birth. I love the idea of a home birth but I’m not terribly keen on having one with a midwife I don’t know really super well so if my lovely one isn’t on shift I thought the birthing centre might have been my next option. It’s not ideal unfortunately, I mean it is in so many ways, you birth in a lovely room and stay in the same room until you leave, there’s lots of amenities like your own birth pool etc and they don’t send the Dad off as soon as you’ve given birth but it’s kind of hard to get to. There’s literally nowhere on site to park making a taxi or public transport the only option. This is fine for looking round or people coming into visit you but not the most ideal case scenario for labour and bringing the baby home… I do like the sound of it but this one just isn’t for us. I also want Jonny to be able to get back to Florence if she gets upset without us, I just don’t want her to have to wait for him if she’s really distressed. I don’t care if I end up giving birth on my own but I can’ bear the thought of her needing one of us and us not being able to get to her quickly so for me, the most important thing over where I give birth or anything else, is her being happy! Things never run to plan anyway do they so… Talking of plans I should probably write my birth plan but all it’ll really say will be the following three lines:


1) Let me get on with things and do what I want to do when I want to do it.


2) Don’t tell us the sex of the baby, let us find out for ourselves.


3) Give me my baby straight away so that I can feed him or her. (Apparently with Florence I practically growled ‘GIVE ME MY BABY’ as I whipped my Grandma’s night dress off to ensure we had skin to skin! Jonny still laughs about it)!


Oh well, there, I’ve done it! Birth plan complete…


Me at nearly 38 weeks pregnant! Not so little now eh!


Ok, so I might have a small bump according to the measurements but it feels pretty big to me now… I’m full term so I think I’m entitled to be feeling big and now all I want is comfort. In my earlier pregnancy with the colder weather I only wanted over the bump clothes but I am now absolutely loving my ‘Crave Maternity Leggings’ which sit nicely under the big bulge and don’t make me feel too hot now the sunshine is back with a vengeance! As with all my ‘Crave Maternity’ clothes they are of a superb quality and worth paying the little bit extra for. Because they are under the bump I also really don’t see any reason why I won’t be able to wear them after the baby is born too which is a big plus! The material is thin which personally is something I look for in leggings, I don’t mean they are see though and of poor quality, far from it but they are not that thick cheap jersey which bobbles easily and instead are soft and luxurious… They might just be leggings but I have always been very particular about them and I love these ones, they match up to my high legging standards! I have always been a leggings wearer and it’s great to find such a comfortable pair which work so well during pregnancy! They are without a doubt my ‘Pregnancy Product of the Week’ and truth be told I only wish I’d got more than one pair! They’ve been worn and washed so many times now I’m surprised they are still looking so good but then that’s what you get when you opt for ‘Crave Maternity’ products!


‘Crave Maternity Leggings’

Maternity Leggings by ‘Crave Maternity’ are made of 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane, are machine washable and comes in UK sizes 8 – 20. RRP £22. For more information on these and all their products including their super brilliant rental collection please see their website They currently have an offer of 15% off when you spend £60 or more during April using the code APRIL15P plus FREE P&P (on all UK orders over £60).


I’m super excited that next week I’ll be able to tell you all about my baby shower! This weekend I’m having 17 girlfriends over for a pre baby party in the afternoon where we’ll be eating yummy treats and playing fun games while we chat and catch up and the best bit is I don’t have to do a single thing for it! ‘Before Baby’ a specialist baby shower company will be arriving at my house an hour before it starts to prepare and decorate and then they will host the entire thing, even cleaning up at the end! What could be better than that?! I’ve said before that I’d really like to have one because I didn’t have one last time and it seems like totally the A La Mode thing to do when one is pregnant these days! Well if it’s good enough for all the celebs that have been having them recently, ‘Before Baby’ have been hosting them right left and centre on the celebrity circuit with Stacey Solomon being among their customers, then it’s good enough for me! I can’t wait! If you fancy having your own fully catered and hosted party then just see the information at the bottom of this post for ‘Before Baby’ and don’t forget to come back next week and read all about how it went!


So for another week I bid you adieu and wonder if I’ll be back to write week 39 (fingers crossed) or will I be writing my birth story?

In the meantime follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby

(All opinions and words, apart from those in green, are my own. I have not been paid for this article although I did receive some products to keep after I had reviewed them.)


Your perfect baby shower

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