Doctor, Doctor, You’re A Complete Waste Of Time!

This week I have to moan about the Doctor I saw at Whipps Cross hospital. He was absolutely useless!

About three months ago my left eye started going blurry and I was very worried. My local GP referred me to the optician and he in turn referred me to the hospital after diagnosing some sort of infection or allergy.

I was relieved it was nothing serious but I find it very uncomfortable and irritating so I was looking forward to getting to the very bottom of it at the hospital and finding out what I could do to cure it.

I waited 8 weeks for my hospital appointment. 8 weeks of having a blurry and uncomfortable eye but I thought I would soon have a solution.

I was the second appointment of the clinic but despite arriving half an hour early myself, the clinic didn’t start until an hour later than scheduled. The patient ahead of me was also waiting so the lateness was certainly not down to either her or me. I can only deduce that the Doctor was an hour late himself. Annoying!

When I was finally called into see him he looked at my eye for about 30 seconds. He then asked his student to do the same.

After his 30 second diagnosis he said I have an allergy. It could be atmospheric or perhaps an allergy to something else. He did not seem bothered.

He told me to take antihistamines and when I explained I was breast feeding and would it be ok to take them he said this: ‘Stop breast feeding or don’t take the tablets until your baby is weaned.’ Um. What now?

He said I would have to ‘live with it’ and that ‘it isn’t that bad’.

That’s fine I said, for you to say, but you don’t have to live with it.

I asked if they could do anything to find out what it is I am allergic to. No.

I asked if there really wasn’t anything else that could be done to fix it. No.

He wanted me on my way. He did not care that I am in discomfort or care to find a reason why. If I could find what I am allergic to then I could perhaps eliminate it? Maybe it’s a chemical in my shampoo for instance but unless anyone in the NHS wants to help me and refer me for allergy testing then how would I find out?

I was unfortunate to have seen this particular Doctor. A Doctor who couldn’t turn up to his clinic on time, wanted to whizz through patients so that he could catch up and was so unsympathetic it makes me question why he chose his profession. Surely Doctors should want to help the people that wait such a long time to see them!

Not this Doctor at Whipps clearly!

I love the NHS and all that it means for us but sometimes I really, REALLY wish that I could afford to go private! Completely against my ethics but with Doctors like this one could I be blamed?


We had a lovely half term despite the wet weather and spent lots of time in Norwich visiting my Mum. I managed to catch up on sleep and then we came home just in time for the one sunny day of the holidays, the last day before we went back.

The children and I went on the Emirates Cable Car in the Docklands and we loved looking out over a sunshine kissed London.

Emirates Cable Car 3Emirates Cable Car

Cable Car!

And then as quickly as the holidays came they were over and it was back to school. This is the last half term before Florence goes to big school and I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone…

We’re making the most of not having strict school rules right now and are off on a long weekend away this weekend!

Here’s hoping for a little more sunshine!

I’ll be back again next week but in the mean time please do follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby.

One thought on “Doctor, Doctor, You’re A Complete Waste Of Time!

  1. That’s horrendous treatment, I bet he’s one of the doctors who do a private clinic too and just wants to earn extra cash.
    I made a complaint to PALS when my daughter was treated badly and we got a 2nd opinion.
    Can you go back to your GP and explain what happened and get a 2nd referral that way maybe?

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