Dressing your Baby Bump this Spring!

In winter a growing baby belly can be easily hidden under big jumpers, slouchy coats and generally super warm clothes that are ideal when you want to stay comfy at a fairly uncomfortable time in your life. However, it gets a little bit trickier when spring comes around, and the addition of your increasing bump teamed with the days getting warmer will probably cause you to roast if you continue to wear coverall jumpers. So what can you wear when it’s too cold for summer clothes, it’s too hot for knitwear, and none of your old clothes fit because your waistline has expanded considerably?


Leggings are fantastic for pregnant ladies due to their elasticated waistbands and super comfy fabric. Don’t be tempted just to stretch out a pair you already own however, as you will want these for after the baby’s born and you’re back to your normal size. Pick up a pair of specialist maternity leggings if you want even more comfort as these have a soft bump panel built in making them a dream to wear. The alternative is to pick up a pair of super cheap ones in a size or two up from your pre-pregnancy size. This will mean that the elastic won’t dig in when you try to put it round your baby tum.


You can be stylish and comfortable at the same time when you are pregnant, and a dress is the perfect way to achieve this. Get something in a stretchy fabric that keeps you comfortable and hugs your bump to give you that really flattering pregnant and blooming look. You will find some great smart and casual dresses in the George dress collection online, so you can rock spring in a fab maternity dress whether working, at home, or out for the evening. Depending on how warm it is you can team your dress with some tights. There are some excellent maternity tights designed specifically to help with swollen feet and legs, and that won’t dig in on your tummy.


A good pair of maternity jeans is the staple of any expectant mother’s wardrobe, and even if you don’t buy any other specifically maternity clothes, you should get a pair of these. The bump band that is built in makes them incredibly comfortable, so much so that you’ll never want to go back to wearing your regular jeans! For a spring look team them with a nice tunic top that covers your tum and a cardigan to keep the breeze out. Find a pair with a similar cut to your normal jeans so they feel familiar and comfortable, but with the added space for your growing bubba. Wear with trainers, pumps or heels if you’re really brave, for a look that will carry through all seasons and nearly all occasions.

Maternity doesn’t mean a tabard dress anymore, and you can look super stylish during your pregnancy with just a few basic items. Remember comfort is key, but that doesn’t need to be at the expense of looking great. Bounce into the new season beautifully with some spring maternity essentials.

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