End of the Summer Holidays And Hello School September 2020!

End of the Summer Holidays And Hello School September 2020!

The last two weeks of the summer holidays flew by in a flash. I’d planned to update my weekly diary as per usual but for a few reasons just didn’t get round to it (hello pregnancy sickness you beast and also, a very miserly hello to an ever failing camera and a nearly dead laptop – thought it had the black screen of death but it resurrected enough to get my files and I await a brand spanking new one – oh it’s only money)!

We did lots and did nothing. Camped in the rain on the coldest August bank holiday on record for 50 years, saw friends and family, had fun, relaxed and got ready for back to school albeit rather on the eleventh hour!

I have been given a regular fortnightly column at the EDP/Norwich Evening News as opposed to sporadically writing for them and the kiddos finally went back yesterday – as did Jonny. I saw my gang off (thank goodness I still have the Raff at home) and felt a bit mixed. I felt so excited for them yet bereft they wouldn’t be at home and now on day two I’m on the countdown to October half term and have lots of fun planned – bring it! Until then here’s the fun we got up to!

Camping near Southwold was wet and cold!
As always we made the best of it!
And this one!
I mean… Camping in the sunshine is definitely pref but we still had fun!
Car sickness in sympathy with mummy!
Hot chocolate in the rain!
I mean if you have hot chocolate do you even notice the rain?!
And the camp site had a great play ground!
My Daily Star column came out!
We did see SOME sunshine!
And it was a low key end to the holidays but great all the same!
We queued for an hour and a half to get into Wagas!
But the meal was totally worth it!
And we were using every opportunity to use the eat out to help out scheme!
My regular EDP/Norwich Evening News column came out!
Florence began a new business selling hand made bracelets!
And now looks about 25!
Jimmy accepted a mummy hair cut on the proviso he could have the money a hair dresser would have cost – work that one out. I did it badly. He hates it. It will grow. And it’s still long enough to piss a certain someone off but too short to tie back – BOOM!
We celebrated Jonny starting his new job!
I hit 18 weeks pregnant!
The back to school photo didn’t go as planned!
Raffie’s face – and mine!
And then it was just this little dare devil and me! But I’m already planning half term so watch this space!

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