Fashion Is a Croc!

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Do you remember back in the day when Crocs first hit our streets? They were, probably, not the most fashionable of items for grown ups but something about them made me buy a pair and I remember LOVING them! People took the mickey out of me, I remember it well! Much like my Uggs, my friends told me they were ugly and I shouldn’t be wearing them! This only made me wear them even more and oh look… What became incredibly popular about 15 years ago? Both Uggs AND Crocs and the streets were full of people wearing the styles I’d been fashion brave enough to do even when they weren’t in the main stream.

I’m not saying I’m totally fashion forward, gosh no, but both of those times I happened to get it right and no, I won’t let it ever be forgotten! I even had the charms that have made them so popular in their second coming all these years later, try to find the best ones to adorn your Crocs!

I guess I may have moved on with style over time and where I haven’t fallen out of love with my Uggs, I did decide that Crocs weren’t for me. I think at some point I just decided they would be perfect for the children but the style had outgrown my own fashion. That was back when I thought they were all the original style because I had no idea that actually, Crocs make some really different and unusual designs which are a world away from the round toed clogs they started with. I have some sort of vague recollection of a friend telling me her shoes were Crocs and me not quite believeing her but boy, I do believe it now. Just take a look at the website and you will see, all these amazing styles and colours, all totally different to other shoes and perfectly up my street!

I love jelly shoes, I’m a little bit retro like that and they have a number of styles I just think are fab! Take a look at these bad boys! I LOVE them and think they might be my favourite but the whole website is totally worth checking out! Crocs sent me a pair of Isabella T-Strap Sandals for my recent trip to Greece and they were so super comfy! I never knew, I thought it was clogs and that was it, what a treat!

Totally different!
Totally different!

The T-Strap Isabella sandals are beaded on the inside which feels like a little massage as I walk and they slip on so easily with no discomfort whatsoever. They’re also really hard wearing and perfect for pebbly beaches, especially if you fancy taking a dip. I remember being in France wearing my originals back in the day and wearing them for just this purpose too. Aren’t these new styles great! They even make wellies!

Am very impressed with my new Crocs!
Am very impressed with my new Crocs!

Another style I’ve been wearing is the Isabella Jelly Flat and I adore them! The same beaded massage style on the inner sole and yet they’re gorgeous! Haven’t Crocs come a long way eh?!

Crocs Post 3
I want them in every colour!

I just know that I’m going to be wearing this pair all summer long on the school run, out and about and even to a garden party I’ve been invited to and is going to be super posh! I just think they tick all the boxes for all occasions. Dress them up with a lovely tea dress or dress them down as I have been doing to day with my cut off denims!

Love these Crocs!
Love these Crocs!

So, it seems fashion really is a Croc and with plenty of designs for women, men and children it’s one which looks likely to continue for a long time yet! Of course you can still buy the originals too, and although I might not fancy wearing a pair myself these days, they would be great for the children this summer!

Go on, take a look at the Crocs website and see for yourself all the different styles they have now!

I was sent this pair of shoes for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. I love crocs, I have a pair of their Ballet pumps and they are so comfy, I want those Jelly sandals they are awesome xx

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