Florence Says!

Florence says amazing things! The older she gets the more fabulous our conversations are and when she tells me she loves me, which she does all the time, it makes my heart swell, literally swell!

I love everything she says from the constant ‘Mummy?’ with a questioning tone to the ‘I don’t know what I wanted to say’ when she’s run out of things to chat about but doesn’t want the conversation to end.

She IS a chatterbox, just like me!

Yesterday she said the loveliest thing that anyone has ever said to me. We were in the shower and she stroked my tummy as she cuddled me under the water and said:

‘I love the way you’re made Mummy’.

I asked her what she meant? ‘Do you mean the way I look, or the way I am or something else?’ I probed.

‘I just love everything about you, I just love the way you’re made’ was her reply.

I had to share it because it brings a tear to my eye. I love the way she’s made too, this wonderful girl of mine!


Me and my gang! Florence is teaching Jimmy new words all the time so I wonder what delights he’ll come out with soon?

It wasn’t quite Saturday but it was still on the weekend so I’m sharing this post on New Mum on Line’s ‘Said It Saturday’ linky.

Said It Saturday


2 thoughts on “Florence Says!

  1. Oh they don’t have to SAY it on Saturday LOL.
    I try (haven’t so far this week) to note down all the things he says all week, and then blog them on Saturday.
    So really it is “Said It” but the link/blog hop is Saturday. Like how Silent Sunday is any photo from during the week.

    I love how DEEP what she said was. Aaron said something equally deep this week and it blew me away. I am glad I have my blog to ensure I will never ever forget it.

    Our little people are special aren’t they šŸ™‚

    Thanks for joining in the fun.

    Liska xx

  2. P.S. I love the pic you have used. You’ll all treasure that so much in years to come. I am always behind the camera, so it is rare for me to get in shots like that. Love it.
    Liska x

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