Funky Pigeon Mother’s Day!

Funky Pigeon Mother’s Day!

When you hear Funky Pigeon do you also sing the advert? I do! Literally can’t help it and when my delivery arrived for Mother’s Day (just going to keep my fingers crossed that my Mum stays off my blog) Florence saw the packaging and did the same! That’s some GOOD marketing there!

So a while ago Florence’s old teacher from London sent her a gorgeous little present to say Happy Birthday – it was a notebook personalised for her with lovely details and meant for her to write all her stories in. Florence totally loved it and after she’d finished singing the advert this morning she said ‘My gorgeous notebook from Miss Lovely was from Funky Pigeon’! So you may very well not be able to forget the extremely catchy tune from the advert but you will also not forget the gifts you are given from their site which is the most important thing. I would say of all the presents Florence received that year, the notebook was one of the most loved. It was about who it came from and the thought that went into it rather than what it actually was and that says a lot! Funky Pigeon offer a service which allows personalisation for those really special presents.

For a receiver it is incredible special!

For a gifter it couldn’t be easier!

And that’s my kind of gift giving. I have three children and it’s not that I don’t want to remember to send thoughtful presents and cards because I do but I very often forget. Funky Pigeon offer to remind you which is a first step and ask you to put your people’s dates in so that they can do this – BONUS! And then their gifts are all beautifully displayed on the site to choose from and to add those personal touches with words or pictures. They’ve MASSES of GORGE gifts for Mother’s Day and I, for once, am ahead of the game!

My Mum LOVES a picture of the kiddos and so this year we have ordered her a set of four little canvas pictures – one of me with each of the children and then one of me with all the children. She will LOVE it!

Love these for my Mum – a set of four with a white back ground (you can choose black instead) is and they are ACE quality! This is the Family Photo Canvas Set with a White Border for £27.99!
I liked the idea of individual pics of the kids with me and then one of all four of us – the people my Mum had a hand in making!
Might actually have to order another one of these ones for me – this looks like we were in the Med but it was just in Cromer last summer!

And… While I was at it I ordered myself a little treat from the kiddos so that Jonny can give it to them to give to me! Well… If you want something doing right they do say you have to do it yourself. I’ve just got to NOT eat the chocolates in the bespoke box (One of my fave pics of me with the children) before they give it to me. For photographic purposes I tested myself and it was HARD – not just for me but for Raff too!

A box of chocolates?
Or a picture to keep?
Deffo chocolates!
But chocolates inside – what could be better?!
Urrr, no! I don’t need help eating them thanks!
That was a firm NO!
They be mine, ok!
Now keeping Raffie’s paws away from them is one thing but my own… Send me all the willpower please!
Because they really do look good! This is a box of 60 Lily O’Brien chocolates with a personalised photo for £29.99!

Are you as organised as me on for this Mother’s Day? I promise there’s time. My order came less than 48 hours after I bought the products and you have a week and a bit to go so… Get your Funky Pigeon on like me – you won’t regret it… Now I’m off to sniff those Lily O’Briens chocs again (ALL 60 of them need to be there when I get the box given to me)!

Collaboration with Funky Pigeon.