Halloween At Asda!

A couple of week’s ago I found the perfect costume for Jimmy’s Halloween fancy dress! A thick warm onesie with glow in the dark skeleton bones and some socks with skeleton bone feet to go with it. The onesie cost a tenner and the socks were a bargainous £1 in Asda and he’s utterly thrilled with the costume. It’s not halloween until the end of this week but he’s been wearing his costume lots already and actually, I think it will do perfectly for pyjamas once Halloween is over, it’s all fleecey inside and definitely warm and snuggly!

Jimmy in his Asda Halloween outfit!
Jimmy in his Asda Halloween outfit!

Later on in the week I’m going to have to pop back in store and pick up some of their pumpkins which are just £3 for two – perfect – especially as they are carving ones and won’t take long to do at all. I always let the children draw on the skin the design they’d like and then make Jonny do the honours with a knife, it seems like a much safer option to me!

Our pumpkins are never brilliantly carved but we have fun and when lit up they all do the job!
Our 2014 offerings!

We’re going to have a little Halloween party, just us at my Mum’s house so I’m going to make some spooky themed food, arrange a spooky Halloween hunt in the garden and sort out some festive games. Asda sent us a selection of their Halloween range to use at our party and the children are already absolutely loving it!

This chap has been taken to bed by the children since we got him so not too sure they think he's spooky but they definitely like him!
This chap has been taken to bed by the children since we got him so not too sure they think he’s spooky but they definitely like him!
The boney finger wand with a light up end - spooky!
The boney finger wand with a light up end – spooky!
Pumpkins and lights!
Pumpkins and lights!
Cookery and decorations!
Cookery and decorations!

The skeleton (£8) has ben the biggest hit followed closely by the boney finger wand! I love the lantern and light up plastic pumpkin and the glittery one is brillaint for just a pound too! It would look fab with lots of others in the centre of the table at a grown up Halloween party I think. We will try out the cake pop ghosties and the chocolate haunted house making later on in the week when we are at my Mum’s. The lovely lace masks are just up my street for me to get involved in dressing u without actually having to dress up! I really don’t like fancy dress for myself unless it still makes me look nice so the masks are brilliant!

Asda has a fantastic Halloween offering full of really nice and fun pieces that we will use year after year! Now that we are moving to a big house I am going to start a cllection of themed decorations for all different times of the year and this has been a great start to it. I particularly like the skull candle tea lights but the absolute favourite for all of us is the creepy moving hand which costs just £10 and scrambles across the table when the button is pressed, it’s very funny and a real show stopper for the table!

Florence even used the box from the hand to make her own spooky ornament and to go with it made another skeleton out of playdoh! How good!

Asda Halloween

Halloween Craft
Halloween craft from Florence!

We were sent some of the items in this post for the purpose of review but we also bought some of them ourselves.



6 thoughts on “Halloween At Asda!

  1. Asda have has a fab assortment of Halloween themed merchandise this year. We loved the face paint kits.

  2. Fab! Love the decorations and costumes! ASDA do some great stuff for all events don’t they.. Hope you had a great Halloween 🙂

  3. I love Asda for Halloween stuff, there wasn’t really much to choose from when I was young, was always just a witch made from a black bin liner 🙂

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