Halloween Sandwiches With Warburtons!

Do you remember a while back I went on a sandwich making masterclass with Warburtons Bread? It was SO awesome and I came second in the competition (I maintain that I was robbed and should have come first for my amazing creation on account of the fact that I am a novice but it was super tasty)!

Well… To keep my hand in the sandwich making business Warburtons sent me some more of their yummy bread for the children and we’ve jazzed up our lunches with it!

Gearing up for Halloween we made some milk loaf ghosties and some pumpkin faced nibbles from half and half wraps! The children thought it was great fun!


Keeping up with my new sandwich making skills – ok so my ghosties are a bit poor and I’m sure you can do better but my pumpkin faces are awesome and they were all super delicious!


Novelty food – always a winner!

Warburtons have lots of ranges suitable for children from the soft and easy to eat milk loaf to half and half wraps which have the goodness of brown with the appealingness of white!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent some Warburtons products for the purpose of review.