Happy Kids Dental Chelsea Supporting World Oral Health Day!

Happy Kids Dental Chelsea Supporting World Oral Health Day!

On Saturday the boys and I headed into London to attend the launch party for renowned paediatric dental surgery, Happy Kids Dental, who have just thrown open the doors to their second practice in Chelsea. Their sister site in Marylebone tells us they’ve been doing something right over there and now they plan on bringing their forward thinking and thoughtful approach to their new site too. If you’re a kid in London and anyone else is looking after your teeth then I suspect you’re severely missing out because this is a practice and a half!

Now… On paper I am a left thinking, liberally minded citizen who believes wholeheartedly that children should be given the same standard of education and medical attention regardless of how much money their parents earn. On paper. In reality I see that things aren’t changing in education any time soon and though I believe the NHS is wonderful with children when it comes to anything medical, I do think we lack severely when it comes to dentistry. Dentists hands are tied to time constraints and budgets and I do wonder if this is because as a nation we don’t really take oral health as seriously as other countries. Or as seriously as I think we should.

This is not new news. I have terribly crooked teeth on my bottom set and clearly remember my dentist saying it was unnecessary for me to have a brace, sending me on my way. Because my top set were straight that was good enough for him but for me? No. It’s not and I always wish he’d let me have that brace. Although saying that, a friend of mine had very crooked teeth even after she’d had a brace, she just had it all far too late. Her teeth, she felt, were so bad that they affected her self esteem and she looked into getting them straightened in this country only to find such treatments could only be done privately and at great expense. It wasn’t until she moved stateside that anyone took her seriously but when in America they agreed that it was absolutely a necessary treatment for her and lo and behold it was available to her on her insurance no less. Such a different attitude!

But what if we changed the attitude right from the beginning? What if we didn’t let our teeth get into a state that they needed sorting out in the first place and I don’t even mean by wearing a brace, but by guiding the teeth as they come through? Preventative measures rather than patching over! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it but this is something that has been standard in America for decades and is only catching on in this country now. Now, when we have little resource in the NHS to implement the idea. And this is why, just like I would stretch myself to send my children to a better school if it was necessary, I would try to find the money for them to have their teeth looked after somewhere like Happy Kids Dental. Because? Well, they believe in planning ahead and looking after teeth from the off recommending children prevent the need for braces and other straightening measures, prevent tooth decay before it ever happens and they believe in early orthadontics when needed. I like their approach and was interested as soon as they began speaking about their practice at the party during a Q&A session between one of the founders and host Vicki Psarius. Of course the element of money did float through my brain and clearly it won’t be for every pocket but it actually isn’t as expensive as I’d envisaged!

Vicki Psarias talks to founder Dr Mykahalus!

Are they the dentist to the offspring of the rich and the famous? You bet they are (although founder Dr Mykhalus wouldn’t be drawn on who exactly rich and famous she sees – ever the professional) but they are also dentists to children with learning difficulties, disabilities and conditions such as autism because it’s not just the actual practice of dentistry they do well but their whole approach. A gorgeous play area with slides and Play Stations greets in the waiting room before children are asked to brush the teeth of character animals on the wall. Any elements of anxiety are swayed and you know what, they take as long as they need with each patient so there’s no worry of running over your appointment. A relaxed environment, calming and positively reinforcing that there’s nothing to be scared of when visiting the dentist! I mean I want to go there, I don’t know about the kids!

Happily brushing the teeth of a shark with the assistance of a dentist!
A little peek into one of the treatment rooms!

So how much do these things actually cost you ask? Well… I mean each case will be different and individual in need but it’s a good place to start knowing that £30 a month (less than my gym membership) will pay for two dental examinations a year, 2 hygienist visits and discounts with other exclusive benefits. And if the children are in the right hands at Happy Kids dental I think there’s every reason that any further treatment has a much higher chance of being minimal – using the discounts on treatments that you get as a member will be few and far between when their little teeth are being best looked after from the off!

We learned lots while at the Happy Kids Dental party which was hosted by a good friend of mine and a wonderful blogger, Vicki from Honest Mum. If she’s put her name (and her fantastic teeth) to this brand then I have no doubt that it’s a good egg and while Vicki spoke with Dr Mykhalus introducing us to this style of dentistry for children it certainly got me thinking… I want my children’s brand new teeth painted with a sealant as soon as they come through, I want my children to have no issues with crooked teeth either now as children or when they’re adults, essentially, I want my children to be able to go somewhere like Happy kids Dental!

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With Vicki from honest Mum who says her eldest was frightened of the dentist until he came for a check up at Happy Kids Dental where they changed his mindset about a visit!

Happy Kids dental is also supporting World Oral health Day – you can get involved and win some prizes by checking happykidsdental.co.uk/lovetobrush.

We were invited to the launch party for Happy Kids Dental and gifted some treats as a thank you for attending.


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  1. Loved seeing you guys darling, thank you so much for coming. Prevention is absolutely critical and saves money, time and pain in the long run. Happy Kids Dental are transforming dental healthcare for families, and seeing Oliver go from a frightened child to one who couldn’t wait to return to the dentists after our first visit absolutely sealed the deal for me. Talking of sealing, I want my teeth sealing now too! Thank you for such a wonderful write-up and making the day fun. Lots of love xxx

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