ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker!

A while back we reviewed the ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker which makes instant iced slushies at the squeeze of the cup! Seriouly, it’s really good, check our my review if you want to see for yourself!

Following on from the success of the slushy maker ChillFactor have just brought out a brand new product and this time, using the same principles, you can make your own ice cream! I give you the ChillFactor Ice Cream Maker!

We were very eager to review this one even though the weather is very cold and we couldn’t wait to see what sort of ice cream it would make!

The instructions were very easy to follow and after disassembling, washing and then reassembling we put the cone in the freezer over night. Next all we had to do was add the ingredients!

We chose chocolate chip ice cream from the recipe book which gives ideas for sorbets and frozen yogurt as well as ice cream. We needed 100ml single cream, a teaspoon of caster sugar (optional), some chocolate syrup and the chocolate chips!


Simply add the ingredients, put the lid on, shake to combine!


Then squeeze!


A minute later and it was ready. Ours came out a little on the runny side but was most definitely ice cream and Florence thought it was super fun eating it with the spoon provided. She liked it even more that the spoon also doubles as a straw and let the ice cream melt a bit more so that she could drink it like a milk shake!

This is really fun, very effective and quick to do so makes a perfect activity as well as a treat for a little one! Most impressive!

I was sent a ChillFactor Ice Cream maker in return for an honest review.

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  1. Had always fancied getting one of these for my lg but was never quite convinced that they were any good. Thanks to ur review I have added it to her Santa list (and mines lol) xx

  2. Got one for my grandsons xmas, looks great but all instructions and recipes in foreign language

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