Into The Unknown!

Into The Unknown!

I don’t even know what to say about the current and world wide health situation. I am lost for words with both understanding and terror as I am sure the entire rest of the world is too.

So I’m putting all my trust into a government I didn’t vote for and wouldn’t usually have a good word to speak of and hoping beyond hope that they guide us through this tumultuous and troubled time.

I’m scared and trying not to show my children. I’m nervous and trying to do right by my children. I’m lost but not wanting my children to feel the same way too. It is, as it has always been, about the children.

And so… On this morning of March the 23rd 2020, the day that all schools in England have closed for the foreseeable and parents across the land become teachers as well as Mummy and Daddy, I am trying to look at bright sides and positives and keep us all going because otherwise what will happen? I am hoping that this time will pass rapidly and that we will be out the other side before we know it and until then I remember my Grandma telling me of only good times she had during world war 2. A camaraderie getting her through which I hope will instill in us now also.

Mother’s Day yesterday and we visited the beach. A remote beach without others around and for possibly the last time in a good while I felt salty sea air tickle my skin and brush the faces of my babies. We drove past the houses of the Grandmas to wish them a happy Mother’s Day from behind windows. Love. We showed them love and we felt it in return. The sky was blue as it is today also and after starting the morning following the Joe Wicks P.E lesson on YouTube along with the rest of the children in the other 800,000 homes who tuned in, we began day one after rest and sea air yesterday and by getting moving first things today.

There have been snacks and mathematical card games as well as English by watching a televised educational programme. We began day one well. Long may it continue and may the worries evaporate as the world fights this awful thing into oblivon.

Much love to us all, we are, for once, in the same boat. No matter your religon, the colour of your skin, the country you live, the job you do, your wealth or the things which make you laugh and cry. Together we are one, we all want the same thing and with this unity I believe everything will be OK. I really do.

A taste of the sea for Mother’s Day made us all smile!
Starting the day as we mean to go on – thanks to The Body Coach Joe Wicks! At least Florence can exercise at home with her broken arm and we don’t have to worry someone else will knock her. Joe also had his arm in a splint so she’s in good company!
We will be positive, we have to be!
Finding positives with a blue sky to eat our lunch al fresco under!
A little scoot/walk after lunch was just the ticket. We have started as we mean to go on!