I Salute Mango Salute!

I am the sort of person who never quite manages to send out thank you cards. I don’t mean to be, I always have every intention but somehow, the task always passes me by. We end up saying thank you when we see people but it’s not really good enough is it? It was fine when it was just me forgetting or never finding time but now the children have to bear the brunt of their Mother’s disorganisation and I must pick my game up! But… I always say that!

So this past Christmas is an example in point when the children were bought thoughtful gifts from friends and relatives and I had high hopes of the cards being out by the first week of January. They, of course, as is my haphazard style, were not. Jonny kept bugging me about it which irks me greatly as he has somehow decided it is my job and not his. I think in a way, especially as lots of the cards were to go to his side of the family, this may have made me drag my heels even longer. It’s like when he moans about me not doing the washing up when he gets home from work yet on the day he has Jimmy alone and I ponder the same question as to why it hasn’t been done he replies ‘Oh I couldn’t, I was looking after Jimmy’… For some reason the rules are different in his eyes and when something is unjust like that it does make me stamp my heels in harder and REFUSE to do the washing up even when I DO have time!

However, when it comes to the cards I should have just done it and now I think, 3 months later than planned, I have found a solution as I have just managed to actually send some for Christmas 2014 and to boot, I managed also a congratulations card, a couple of birthdays and Mother’s Day to the Grandma’s! I might very well have sent those late also if left to my usual devices so I am mega pleased with myself and I’ll tell you how I did it, why it was no hassle and how without writing a single line by hand I managed to make them personal and individual. It’s all down to Mango Salute!

Mango Salute is an on line card shop but nothing like others I have used. Their pictures are beautiful, often prints of hand drawings and very, very unusual; they are works of art in print. You can browse the categories and find the perfect picture for your recipient but there’s nothing of the ordinary about them which I really like!

Now on line cards are not of course hand written but you can, with these cards, include pictures inside and even a code to scan to bring up videos (although I think I ballsed this aspect up on mine). Write your words, choose letter colour, font and it’s all very easy. Add an address and they’re sent!

They cost £4.50 per card which is about how much I would pay for a card and a stamp and this way they actually get sent. Often I manage to BUY the cards but I rarely make a post box… This way they GET the card and the quality and pictures are so lovely that Mango Salute say people don’t want to throw them away but instead frame them. I can totally see that!

I had one sent to our address for Florence and Jimmy and the thick red envelope showed class while the card inside didn’t disappoint. Fab site with a great end result and the children were super pleased! Who doesn’t like getting post that isn’t a bill or junk?!

I chose this little mouse painting a picture in a boat for Florence and Jimmy!
I chose this little mouse painting a picture in a boat for Florence and Jimmy!

My Mum was very pleased with her card, I chose a woman on a bike as my Mum is a big fan of bike riding, and she said her only concern would be that Mango Salute print their own address on the front of the envelope in the corner. While she said the quality of paper was such that it probably wasn’t junk mail, that aspect did make her wonder. My only niggle would be that I THOUGHT I’d successfully uploaded the videos because it didn’t say I hadn’t but in actual fact they didn’t come out with a video code. It’s probably, knowing my techy skills, my own fault.

I was really pleased with our lovely card and I'm sure the people we sent to were too!
I was really pleased with our lovely card and I’m sure the people we sent to were too!
It's really lovely being able to put a picture inside and adds a really personal touch!
It’s really lovely being able to put a picture inside and adds a really personal touch!

Mango Salute make lovely cards with gorgeously unique pictures and I am very pleased with ours! I just hope our recipients are too and can forgive me for taking so long to say thank you! Better late than never right?!

I was given credit to spend at Mango Salute in return for an honest review.