It’s Christmas Eve Dear…

I love Christmas Eve.

It’s the best day of the year as far as I’m concerned.

All the excitement happening as we speak, the anticipation of tomorrow palpable. Tomorrow is wonderful too of course but the waiting for it, the everything all to come… Well, you can’t beat it can you! I love it and after my drive with the kiddos from London to Norfolk to be with my Mum yesterday I finally feel I can relax now that it’s Christmas Eve.

Since I arrived less than 24 hours ago I’ve visited no less than 6 supermarkets, some more than once (don’t ask!), picked my very drunken monkey of a husband and his pals up before driving them all over the contryside to their various villages and depositing them to their own wives and families and now that it’s Christmas Day tomorrow I’m doing no more. Nothing. Which is another thing I love about Christmas Eve! I used to opt to work Christmas and New Year’s Eve when I had the dreaded office job because they let us finish early but paid us for a full day (was always about the skive me) but these days this date is NOT for work and I’m truly grateful for that.

Christmas Eve used to be about going out and drinking at as many of the pubs in Norwich that I could manage (surprisingly more than you’d think). I even met Jonny in one of those pubs on one of those Christmas Eves gone past. Fifteen year’s ago today we had our first kiss under the mistletoe and have been together ever since. But, like our relationship, the Christmas Eve plans have evolved and now that we have children all I want to do is stay in with them, enjoy the excitement that I love so much and relax in the doing nothing.

Not EXACTLY nothing I hasten to add, I have got about a billion presents to wrap (and 6 bottles of prosecco chilling in the fridge to aid me in the task) but I just love being able to sit about putting yummy things in my mouth and watching those smiles on my little people’s faces. I’m havig a marathon of Ben Miller’s ‘The Worst Week Of My Life’ followed by ‘The Worst Christmas Of My Life’ (they’re super funny if you’ve not seen them) and whistling while I wrap!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I love this day!

Hope you're sitting by some twinkling lights with a glass of fizz and some festive music like me!
Hope you’re sitting by some twinkling lights with a glass of fizz and some festive music like me!