Kids Capture The Colour!

I am fairly new to photography but armed with my DSLR camera I am trying to get better and better at it. I really enjoy capturing images for my blog and even more so, the art of creating a good image. I went on a course to learn how to use my camera and although I wouldn’t say I’m a pro now, I definitely understand it more. Because I am always behind the lens it makes Florence very interested too and she always wants to take her own pictures which is fab! When the ‘Kids Capture The Colour’ competition came up with Travel Supermarket we jumped at the chance!

We decided that Florence, aged 3 and a half, would take her pictures while we were on holiday in the Algarve. It’s the most colourful place I know with the blues from the sea and sky and all the flowers and lushness of the land! I asked her to look out for reds, blues, greens, whites and yellows (a colour for each category) and tell me when she wanted to take a picture. She absolutely loved that and had such fun photographing the things SHE wanted! Perhaps I wouldn’t have seen what she saw? The very blue lights under the sea on a boat trip of the caves or her brothers rubber duck on the ground? Maybe I would have been looking too hard so it was very interesting to see what she saw and let her be creative with the camera on her own.

I think people thought I was mad taking photographs of Florence taking photographs! She loved being in charge of the camera and I loved her choices, especially when we were in the local fish market in Lagos!

We’ve had a hard time choosing favourites, just one photograph for each category… Before I show you the final five, here are some of the ones we have liked best!






And the final five, our entries for the competition, are…



This was growing just outside our villa and it was very high up. Florence had to be lifted up to take her red picture!



Florence’s baby brother Jimmy is obsessed with ducks and we take them everywhere with us. I wouldn’t have thought to photograph them but Florence did and she loves this picture as she is in it too with her shadow!



Plants growing by the pool inspired Florence. The poor things might not be green for long though as she watered them every single day with her little watering can and water from the, errr, pool!




I think all of the blue pictures Florence took had water in them. We were in Portugal and the water is such a beautiful colour that I’m not surprised! This one was taken from a fishing boat that we took a ride in as all the fishermen provide grotto tours after they’ve arrived home from the catch. We were inside one of the grottos and this pool of light was flooding under the rock from the other side.



The only cloudy morning on the holiday inspired Florence’s white photographs with these white fishing boats in front of the clouds.

This is our entry to the Kids Capture the Colour competition. We had so much fun entering and were lucky enough to be sent a digital camera as we were one of the first 100 people to sign up. Even if you are too late to get a camera now it doesn’t mean you can’t enter so why not get your little ones snapping away?!

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