Little Live Pets – Series 4 Birds – Dazzle Wings Strawberry Belle – Review!

We’ve always been massive fans of the Little Live Pets and in particular the birds. They are so cute and repeat what you say as well as chirruping and tweeting away on their own. When you put two together it’s like they feed off each other and super sweet to watch! It’s like having all the fun of a real pet without actually having to have one!

Character have just brought out the new range in the birds collection and they haven’t disappointed over here! The Dazzle Wing Birds, of which we were sent Strawberry Belle to review, are brightly coloured and have gorgeously glittery wings – I don’t know about you, but I’m rather keen! Our one is pink, sparkly and responds to touch and voice so what’s not to like? And at £9.99 (2 x AAA batteries required and not included) we think it’s the perfect gift for class mate’s parties and pocket money spending.

Little Live Pets Strawberry Belle
The new Strawberry Belle Dazzle Wings Little Live Pet!

F has been particularly impressed with the colour and wings on this one, which resemble a strawberry to go with her name, and immediately got to drawing her portrait – of course!

F's portrait of Strawberry Belle!
F’s portrait of Strawberry Belle!

The thing that I really like about them is that they keep little ones entertained for ages and both boys and girls like them. In fact, I’ve yet to meet anyone of any age who isn’t enamoured by them!

Strawberry Belle on the right talking away to one of our older Little Live Pets!
Strawberry Belle on the right talking away to one of our older Little Live Pets!

Little Live Pets have brought out lots of different animals including mice and butterflies (of which we also love) and next on our agenda is to try out their swimming turtles, have you seen them? Theyre just gorgeous. The birds, however, were the original and I think are still probably the best! There are a few different impersonators on the market now but Little Live Pets are definitely a cut above just like the originals often are! The new Dazzle Wings are super lovely and a fabulously glittering addition to the range!

We were sent the Strawberry belle dazzle Wings Little Live Pet for the purpose of an honest review.