Living In A Loft, Living In A Great Big Loft!

It was this time last year that we decided to have our loft converted. It had always been a part of the plan when we moved from London to Norfolk and finally we were able to realise the dream. I’d always wanted a loft space, somewhere to sit in a bright and spacious place, do my make-up, get ready for the day (or night) and have a bathroom as well as a beautifully big bedroom area.

I’d envisaged an open plan space just for me (and Jonny of course… Let’s be fair) and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have a light, bright and white open plan room with a huge stair case winding up from the second floor of our house in the middle. To one side is my bedroom with white furniture to keep everything clean looking and on the other is my dressing area with a little more of a vintage feel yet hopefully one which flows…

I love the giant floor to ceiling mirror which used to be a wardrobe door left and neglected in our old house to be found and cared for when we moved in; knowing that one day we’d have just the place for it! Beside that is an old chair my Grandma owned sitting at my contemporary floating shelf dressing table which sits just beneath an antique 20s mirror on a chain. I love this space!

I sit here and vlog, blog, make-up, get ready… Oh everything really – I took the picture before my second mirror was hung but now it sits beautifully under a modern over head light! I figure if I can make myself look ok-ish under over head lighting then I probably look ok-ish out in the world! Ha ha!

My little bathroom is just through that doorway and is the only part of the room which isn’t open plan. Again it is white and has modern touches alongside vintage feel pieces and I stuck with the floating shelf vibe for my sink because I loved the dressing table area so much! My builder thought I was a bit bonkers I think but I’m so pleased with it!

My little en-suite!

The whole loft is very bright not just because of the white walls but because we have a massive dormer with giant windows stretching the length on one side and on the sloping side we have velux windows which again let lots of light in. Companies like show you exactly what sort of windows can be installed in a loft conversion and what I love about ours is that the blinds completely black out the room when we want them to! They are just brilliant!

We have one roof window by the bed and one in the bathroom too!

If you’re looking for advice on getting lovely windows put in your loft room to give it a light feel like ours then check out this practical advice from Roof Windows. Having this sort of space has changed our house entirely of course but changed our lives too… It’s like a whole new house up there really especially when we consider that square foot wise it is the same size as our London flat minus the living room – unbelievable! Having this space really makes me feel like we can breathe and I LOVE it!

Ok, ok, so if I’m honest it’s not quite the space just for me that I’d envisaged because everyone in the house wants to be in there too. We love to cuddle up on the bed and watch movies together (thankfully it’s a king size) as the TV is on the opposite wall and the kids adore being up there with their friends too… Although I try not to encourage this as they tend to bounce on my bed and muck up all the bedding – I’m a meanie!

Oh yes… They think this is THEIR bedroom for sure!

But I am so glad we decided to change our house and open it up to the loft. So pleased we now have such a wonderful space and I can’t wait, over time, to make it more and more homely. I have lots of spaces I need to add bits and pieces I’ve just got to find the right things to go in them!

Would you have your loft converted? I think it’s the perfect way of making a house as big as you need it and being at the top of the house is really quite magical you know, there’s something very special about it indeed!