Loopy About La La Loopsy!

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Every time we see a Lalaloopsy doll in the shops Florence gets very animated and lets me know that she’s really rather keen. I’d sort of mentally put one on the Christmas list for her and then when we were at the Lollibop Festival the lucky thing got given some Lalaloopsy things as a thank you for me being a Lolli Ambassador. Totally not necessary but totally lovely all the same!

Lalaloopsy dolls have kind of a modern twist on old fashioned rag dolls. Some of them have crazy hair you can twist and brush and others have little stories about how they were made. Florence has the Teddy Honey Pots who was made from a teddy bear. She has been played with so much already and is a big favourite now. I think I might have to keep lalaloopsy on the Christmas list as I’m sure a little collection could be on the wish list! I can easily see why Florence likes them, as a big dolly fan myself I can just imagine how much I would have loved them when I was little too!

Florence’s one has clothes and shoes which come off and is just appealing in every way! We also rather like the Lalaloopsy micro figures which are very inexpensive and come in little packets which could be bought as treats instead of sweets! The website is pretty cool too with news and games as well as info about Lalaloopsy on Nik Jr, yet another reason we should probably have Sky instead of BT Vision…

At Lollibop Florence spent ages in the Lalaloopsy tent just drawing and making things. She also got given Lalaloopsy ears on a head band which she wears for fun and even Jimmy likes them!

Lalaloopsy fun!

Thanks Lalaloopsy for your generous gift!

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