Love, Sleep And Play Campaign – Pampers And NCT Join Forces!

On Tuesday evening I was invited to meet with the Pampers team and find out some new and exciting news. I wondered what it might be? A new product perhaps? Some updated packaging? I really didn’t have a clue and when I arrived at the venue to find everything was still very much under wraps and I would have to wait a little longer into the evening for the curtain to reveal the exciting news I began to speculate with my fellow bloggers!

Well, we had lots of ideas and actually, even though there is a new product (I’ll come to that), it wasn’t actually anything to do with the nappies themselves. The people at Pampers wanted to share the news of their newest collaboration with the NCT and now I’m lucky enough to be able to share it with you guys!

Love, Sleep and Play!

Pampers put a lot of attention into their research and have weekly testers out in Germany at their playground lab. Another blogger told me all about her visit to it and it sounds awesome. They look at everything a baby needs and try to adapt their nappies accordingly – bet you didn’t know that even though they are not considered eco nappies, they do actually disintegrate far more rapidly than popular belief! I like their attitude and after hearing about the new project they have I like them even more.

Together with the NCT they are collaborating on a survey to understand the needs and support parents with babies throughout the UK. The first 1000 days research is a study being conducted by the NCT and Pampers to provide contemporary data on critical analysis, needs, experiences and preferences of parents’ with babies and toddlers. From conception up till around age 2. The first 1000 days.

It will be broad ranging and visit parents at various intervals in their child’s development. It will provide a picture of real parents and children from all back grounds and ethnicities and is the first longitudinal study into modern day parenting for this stage.

On the panel of experts are some household names and I was lucky enough to meet and speak with them. Baby Sleep Specialist Jo Tantum, Family GP Dr Ellie Cannon and Consultant Dermatologist (She knows my own private Dermatologist Dr Adam Friedmann, small world) Dr Tabi Leslie are on hand for support along the way. They want to ensure families are looked after and weren’t we the lucky bloggers getting to meet with them personally.

Pampers Love Sleep And Play Campaign
We got to listen to the Pampers team and experts speak before being able to chat with them personally!

I’ve always been a bit sceptical of ‘sleep experts’, especially ones who don’t have their own children. I mean, I could happily leave someone elses’s baby to cry (well, maybe not happily but I could do it) but never my own! It has always been my experience in the past that this is the advice and I like a gentle approach. I couldn’t have got her more wrong and she had some super advice for me. I liked her very much and you know when you just know someone knows what they’re doing. I went from immediate dismissal to thinking she’s the best thing since sliced bread in seconds!

Dr Ellie Cannon was also very interesting and says she learned at medical school that no one knows a baby like the Mother, if the Mother says there’s something wrong then she listens! She is just the sort of GP we should all have and I liked her attitude. She, like me, believes in vaccination and is passionate about it too! She’s also writing a book for first time Mum’s. I know I’m not one of those but I’d like to read it anyway and I’ll certainly recommend it to my friends!

And Dr Tabi Leslie was super interesting too. Not only does she know and work near my own Dr, the one who removed my moles recently, but she wants to help me and look at Jimmy’s rash. She cares about children’s skin and told me all about the new product (remember I said there was one) which is a sensitive skin nappy! I MUST try this!

Well, they certainly have the right panel of experts and I can’t wait to hear more about how the study goes. The whole philosophy is that all a baby needs is love, sleep and play! Sounds like a good philosophy to me!

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I was not paid in any way to write this post.