A Little Bit Of Luxe From 31Dover Plus 10% Discount For Youuuuuuuuuuu!

Christmas comes but once a year and while I love it, totally adore it in fact, I am thankful for the infrequency of such a celebration. I don’t know about you but I feel up to my flipping eyeballs with my ‘to do’ list and being nowhere near the bottom of it, with just a few days to go doesn’t fill me with the seasonal glow I usually have whilst we celebrate at my Mum’s and watch her doing all the work…

This year I am hosting for the very first time and as well as buying and wrapping all the presents, buying, writing and sending all the Christmas cards, attending school assemblies, knitting gifts for teachers and friends, cleaning, putting up the tree and lights, working out how the heck I’m going to cook everything (he wants turkey, my Mum wants beef and the kiddos and I only really like gammon) I am struggling to find the time and energy to actually go out to the shops and do all the Christmas food and booze shopping.

I do have to go. I know that. And I will have to go to multiple supermarkets at that (perils of being shown the ranges at all the press shows and knowing that everyone has something I MUST have) but… There’s one thing which can save me from one less stress. The booze can come delivered to my door from 31Dover and I know, because I’ve used them many times in the past for both orders of my own and reviews for this blog, that their no hassle service will deliver exactly what I want, when I want it and the price will be as perfect as everything else!
I know also that I can get loads of really cool stuff that I couldn’t just pick up in the supermarket. Now, those of you that know me both in real life and on my blog will know that I absolutely love bubbles for not just Christmas but pretty much any time of the year! I even have on my Instagram bio that ‘I’m always searching for a cork to pop’ and it’s absolutely true. what could be better than a cold flute of something sparkling?! And, as I mentioned, while I DO enjoy this pleasure year round, Christmas HAS to be the optimum time for cork poppage don’t you think?! And Christmas has to be the time for some super special cork poppage at that! THIS is where I turn to 31Dover, my trusted booze delivery service who will gift box and write a personal note if I am gifting to a friend or simply send it out to me with next day delievery for my own consumtion!

The gorgeous gift boxes (which also come in handy when you've baked biscuits or cakes and need to take them into school FYI)!
The gorgeous gift boxes (which also come in handy when you’ve baked biscuits or cakes and need to take them into school FYI)!

You only have to spend £75 for FREE delivery and there’s no stalking round the supermarket shelves for the best offer, no lugging bottles of heaviness home and just the simple delight of opening and drinking them all yourself (I mean sharing them generously with others of course – maybe)! This Christmas we’ve been enjoying (alright, I realise it’s not Christmas YET but it IS Christmas week and that DEFINITELY counts) some Luc Belaire Luxe (£22.95) and although I might not have chosen it originally because the grape isn’t my ideal choice, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and will absolutely buy it again!

Luc Belaire Luxe - a little bit of luxury for the Christmas dining table for sure!
Luc Belaire Luxe – a little bit of luxury for the Christmas dining table for sure!

I was under the impression that the Chardonnay grape was always too dry for my (probably a little juvenile pallate) but with this delicious bottle of bubbles I have been proven wrong.

They say:

With a rich, yet refreshing taste, enjoy citrus aromas of grapefruit, apricot, honeysuckle and hints of brioche that open up into a dry, full bodied wine with a lively and effervescent finish.

I’d agree with all of that jazzazzle!

And of course it also looks pretty swish on the table too. Perfect for celebrating! A white bottle is surrounded with a rather decadent gold silkscreened label and matching gold foil capsule so it certainly is very luxurious to look at as well as drink. Oh! And it’s a bit of a penchant for the celebs too… Apparently DJ Khaled, Diddy, Timbaland, Rick Ross and French Montana are fans to name but a few! Well, if it’s good enough for them then it’s certainly not too shabby for Ruthie!

A pretty bottle with contents to match!
A pretty bottle with contents to match!

We need lots of booze for Christmas (hey, dont judge me, it won’t just be me doing the drinking) and 31Dover is an ace place to buy it from. And if you’re already sorted for Christmas don’t forget New Year’s Eve… You’ve GOT to have Champagne on the last day of the year and 31Dover has ALL the Champagne to choose from. So… If you fancy making like us and creating an easy order then don’t forget to use the discount code ROCK31D at the checkout for an extra 10% off – now I will cheers to that, won’t you?!


Have a happy (and merry but responsible) christmas folks!

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