Magical Baby Fashion!

While I was on holiday I was invited to a launch party for when I got home but I completely forgot to go! How very rude of me. I would never ordinarily forget such a thing but being on holiday I guess I just wasn’t really on the ball or paying attention enough so I missed out on a party at Liberty to celebrate their new exclusive baby clothes range from Karen Brost.

I’m so annoyed with myself because I love Liberty of London and would have absolutely loved to have seen the Karen Brost designs in person! The baby vests, which would be perfect presents for that something special, look utterly amazing in the pictures so I can only imagine that they must be stunning in the flesh! Karen Brost is an artist and her designs are created using a feathering technique. They’re bright, sparkly, colourful and look a bit like a fairy tale sounds! I’ve seen one in a picture with a sparkly looking guitar; as Rock ‘n’ Roller babies, that one would be perfect for us!

Even though we didn’t turn up to the do when we said we would, the lovely people hosting sent me a goodie bag so that I could see what the collection was all about. Inside it was a ‘Tooth-Fairy’s pillow’. It’s a keepsake they say all the fairies will look for and it’s just SO cool! Florence is a long way from losing her first tooth I think but we are well prepared for when she does – certainly no fairy would miss a tooth under a pillow so beautiful! She loves a cushion does Florence and is using it as one on her Princess bed! It’s absolutely beautiful with a sparkly giraffe on the front and she’s thrilled with it! Thanks Karen Brost and Liberty!

Karen Brost Pillow (1)
You can’t see the sparkles here but it really is very glittery too!
Karen Brost Pillow
It’s absolutely in keeping with Florence’s Princess theme in her bedroom!

The Karen Brost Autumn/Winter 2013 debut collection is exclusively for Liberty of London and Fred Segal Los Angeles.

I have not been paid to write this post. I was sent a goodie bag from the event with no obligation to post about it on my blog.