MOT On Safari With eBay UK!

MOT On Safari With eBay UK!

On Friday we headed to Woburn Safari Park with eBay, who invited me to come and spend the day with them on safari while they gave my car a pre-MOT, MOT! Why?! Well, you may not know but eBay actually have a whole department dedicated to motor parts which means practically everything you might need to fix your car and make it MOT worthy can be bought (brand new I might add) from their shop!

Nope, was all rather new to me too but it’s a very helpful service and when you consider how inexpensive the parts can be when purchased in this way, it makes a LOT of sense to try and fix the little things yourself before you send your car into the garage!

My car was taken in and looked at while Posie, her little friend, his mummy and I were treated to a top of the range Ford Ranger within which to drive around the car safari and enjoy the moment. I have to just say at this point, we’d not been to Woburn before, but WOW! We’ll be going again! WHAT a tremendous experience! We flipping loved it, ALL of it! The lions, the tigers, and bears (oh my!) were SO brilliant to see up close. Rhinos and elephants and giraffes too… But the ones who stole the show were the pesky monkeys who may be little naughty ones, but boy are those guys cute!

We had THE best fun watching the monkeys play and jump around (they also got rather frisky on the boot of the Ford Ranger which was HILARIOUS) and when we arrived back at the eBay base my car was ready to be picked up!

A mechanic had given my car the full inspection and told me the small parts I’d need to buy from eBay to make it MOT passable! A cap for my screen wash, a catch for the battery (a new battery he said would also be a good idea and even suggested I’d be able to fit this myself – he may have wildly overestimated me)! So, sent away with vouchers to buy my parts I shall keep you posted on my mechanical prowess when it comes to fixing cars!

We had the best day with eBay, learned loads in that how we shop for our cars can be made very easy indeed – the beauty is you just really need to know the make and model of your car (as well as the part you need) and eBay will do the rest! We ordered tyres through them a while ago and the tyres were sent through to a garage local to me to be put on my car and the process was so hassle free!

We also had THE BEST day at Woburn! As well as the car safari, which was so mega fun, we got to explore around the foot safari, play inside and outside in the fun playgrounds and visit lots of brilliant animals! A day to remember with some great insights into how to look after my car affordably going forwards. Like I said, I’ll keep you posted on how I do with my parts once they arrive!


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