A Hint Of Nutmeg And A Massive Red Face!

This week I was invited to the second phase of the Spring/Summer collection from Morrisons clothing range for children, Nutmeg. It was a fairly late in the day event and ordinarily I wouldn’t have been able to go because it struck directly over school pick up but I knew Florence had been itching to try out After School Club thinking it sounded fun, so I bit the bullet and booked her a place. The service sounds great if you have to use it as it allows children to stay at school until 6pm but being a stay at home Mum and one who chooses to be so in order that she CAN pick her children up from school it is not something I have ever had the need for before. Florence was terribly excited, as one can be when it’s a one off, and went off to school looking forward to the end of the day.

I went off to my event and had a lovely time hanging out with other bloggers and getting to see the new clobber for summer of which there are many new favourites of mine! Lovely dresses with great attention to detail and even ones which could easily be used as bridesmaid dresses caught my eye; the best thing is that they only cost around £10! And then when I’d photographed my and Jimmy’s top pieces, had some bubbles, nibbles and Jimmy had been thoroughly entertained by the balloon maker, we hopped back on the tube to come home and pick up Florence. I say ‘hopped’ but it was the day I had decided to try Jimmy on the tube sans sling or buggy so it was rather slow going (don’t think I’ll do that again for a while) and when we got back it was about half five. I knew as soon as I saw her face that After School Club was not what she’d wanted it to be…

I signed her out, we said our thank you’s and made our way back to reception to go home. I asked her ‘Did you have a nice time?’ And she said ‘No Mummy, someone called me a FUCK’! OH MY GOD! I must have shouted it as the receptionist heard and told me I MUST go back inside and talk to the club leader… I couldn’t believe this terrible word had come from my child’s mouth, it just sounded so wrong. We went back inside and this is where the embarrassment level rocks to about 100!

So, the lady said she knew two of the older ones had called Florence an idiot (NOT ON) and she had told them off about it then she asked Florence who had said the F word. Florence said ‘No, I got it wrong, the word they called me was the one you just said, the ‘idiot’ word. I just couldn’t remember and knew it was a bad word they’d called me. (Oh god!) Then the club leader asked Florence ‘where DID you hear the bad F word then Florence?’ and she replied (ground open up and swallow me please). ‘I heard Mummy saying it when she was doing the washing one day’ (Whoops)!

Well… To say my face was puce is an understatement!

We shuffled off and on the way home Florence told me that ‘After School Club’ was terrible. She HAD been called an idiot, she was sorry she got muddled up with the words, they’d made her play out until it got dark even though she was so cold and wanted to come in and that the food was horrible. She’d eaten cheese on toast because the other option was beans and she liked beans less than cheese on toast but she didn’t really like either…

I couldn’t believe they’d MADE her stay out until it got dark even though she was cold and thought maybe she’d got muddled up about that too? She was so cold it took her 2 hours to stop shivering and she had a temperature all through the night. I asked Miss Pretty the next morning (while also explaining about the ‘F’ word cock up) and Miss Pretty and Miss Blondie confirmed that yes, they DO make them play outside even when it’s really cold. Well, that’s the worst £9 I’ve EVER spent and thank goodness I’m in a position to be able to promise Florence she never has to go again… If you HAVE to use it then you have to use it but it’s definitely not for us.

Anyway, I cheered Florence up by giving her the look book for the Nutmeg Collection as it has photo stickers of the clothes and a photo of a girl to put them all on. She loves it and I have to say, what an amazing idea. I’ve definitely studied the clothes I might have otherwise missed!

The look book is great fun!
Jimmy having fun at the event wearing Nutmeg, of course!
Jimmy having fun at the event, eating cake and wearing Nutmeg, of course!

My favourite pieces were the George Pig swimming trunks and Hero T. Shirt with a cape, the pant suits, the lovely bug designs and the gorgeous yellow dress with a flower that I would wear myself. Price points are exactly what you’d expect at Morrisons and the quality, feel and attention to little details is gorgeous.

Jimmy also loved these and especially because of the cape!
Jimmy also loved these and especially because of the cape!
LOve these play suits and look at that crochet detailing on the embellishment on the left!
LOve these play suits and look at that crochet detailing on the embellishment on the left!
My two top buys are this bug shirt  and yellow dress with stripes which I would actually wear myself!
My two top buys are this bug shirt and yellow dress with stripes which I would actually wear myself!

So, look out summer, Nutmeg’s coming!

I was invited to the second phase Spring/Summer 2015 Nutmeg launch.

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  1. Oooo some lovely bits! My hubby works from home and obviously I’m a stay at home mum too, P1 goes to an after school club twice a week until 6pm. She loves it and practically begs to go. I always feel quite guilty.

  2. I love Nutmeg and are frequently found to be putting pieces in the trolley on my weekly shop.
    OMG Ruth I would have died but in all honesty sounds like that is nothing compared to how they are running their after school club. Glad Florence is ok xx

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