Over The Hump!

It’s been what feels like a long week already and we’re only just over the hump! Moving house is, I am beginning to remember, not as easy as pie and there are lots of obstacles in the way. Everything feels like a catch 22. Mortgage companies don’t like to give mortgages until you have been in a new job for six months but the majority of people moving, I assume, are like us and moving BECAUSE they have a new job! School applications are similar in obstruction too. Do I apply for Jimmy’s school (which has to be done by December) for here in London where I know we won’t be or do I apply in Norfolk when I know we won’t have an address (until we move) that will give us the school in the vilage we are moving to! NIGHTMARE!

Jonny keeps telling me that the week’s are flying past for him but that’s because all he has to do is go to work then come home to his parent’s house, have a dinner cooked for him and then he can retire to their garage where he’s set himself a gym up. Nice work if you can get it and it makes me think of that book ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ by John O’Farrell. I remember thinking it was very good and very funny when I read it; it’s about a guy who lives with his wife and children on one side of London but has a secret bed sit on the other side of town so that he can chill out with a beer and listen to music on his own… Now that I’m basically living it and I’m not the one in the bedsit with loads of chill out time it doesn’t seem so funny!

We have beenb usy filling our days though so as to try to make the days fly past for us too and for the ost part they are. It’s the evenings that seem so flipping long. I took Jimmy out to the London Eye, London Aquarium and on a river cruise the other day and he thought it was brilliant! I’m loving still having my boy at home so that we can enjoy long lovely days out together – this time next year… He’ll be at school!

Jimmy and me on the river cruise dwn the Thames!
Jimmy and me on the river cruise down the Thames!

And Florence is being so good! Such a little helper. She’s even been reading Jimmy his bed time stories. They’re having a little competition at school for how many books they can each read over the next few week’s so she’s certainly making a good way into that!

Bedtime reading!
Bedtime reading!

I’m not saying we’re not enjoying ourselves because we are but having no one to come home at the end of the day and just do a few things so that you don’t have to is very lonely… Luckily my Mum is coming down for a week tomorrow as Jonny can’t come home this weekend due to a tutorial for his course… I’m looking forward to next week lots!

I’ve spent all day cleaning in preparation for my Mum’s arrival and now I’ve just set up our table ready for a mini Great British Bake Off ahead of the final tonight so I’ll probably have to do it all again after bed time as I’m sure we’ll have flour and sugar everywhere – THIS is why we need that big house in Norwich! A two bed flat with a postage stam sized kitchen and no garden is very definitely for the young and single. I want a grown ups house now please!

Ready for our own Great British Bake Off mini style after school!
Ready for our own Great British Bake Off mini style after school!

We all love the Great British Bake Off here and sad as it may sound Wednesday is the highlight of the week because of it! Wednesdays won’t be the same again after the final tonight! Last week Florence was so upset that Flora left she cried and then when I Tweeted  how sad she was lovely Flora Tweeted us back! Florence was made up! So tonight we will be rooting for Tamal but we think the lovely Nadia will win it. We hope Ian doesn’t win because he’s just seemed a bit too bantum egging smug throughout!

Hopefully we’ll get Jimmy in bed early and then Florence and I can enjoy some of her cakes and I can have a glass of wine while we watch! I’m loving Aldi wine at the moment. They sent me a delicious bottle of Pinot Noir (£4.39) and a bottle of Gavi (£5.49 – from the exquisite collection) which I liked so much I went out and bought another bottle of each when they were gone. The Pinot Noir is just right for this time of year and light but still with a bit of hardiness. The Gavi still has it for me though I have to say. I’m more of a white wine person in gereal and this one is such a delicate flavour and with the sunshine we’ve been enjoying it makes it still feel a little like summer. Plus, the Gavi goes perfectly with cake so is just right for Great British Bake Off watching!

This’ll do me nicely tonight! Cheers Aldi!