A perfect Mother’s Day!

On Sunday it wasn’t my first Mother’s day of course but for some reason it felt a bit like I was experiencing it for the first time. Of course Jonny has got things for the children to give to me on other years but this time Florence gave me things she had made for me on her own either at school or at Girl’s Brigade. I love it when Jonny buys me presents naturally but having a home made paper pot of flowers and cards not only drawn but penned by my girl somehow made it the best Mother’s day I could have hoped for.

I suppose it’s a bit like the wonder of when they understand the magic that comes with Christmas. Watching them delight in it is just something really special and on Mother’s Day, seeing how much my little girl wanted to please me made my heart swell (as it does often) with how wonderful she is! I feel like a very lucky Mummy indeed to have my beautiful pair (and Daddy who did still do quite a bit to ensure Florence’s plans came to fruition). I didn’t so much as have a Mother’s DAY but a Mother’s week!

I went to a Mother’s Day breakfast at Florence’s school on Thursday before watching a special assembly where Florence spoke and said Happy Mother’s Day to me. That night she went to Girl’s Brigade and came home with a hand-made envelope containing a surprise. On Friday every child in her school left with a pot of flowers (her school is seriously amazing) and I was brought the card she had shown in her assembly. Saturday we had a lovely day out just me and the children watching the gala screening of the new DreamWorks animation, ‘Home’ which was just lovely and then it was the real proper day on Sunday. The day Florence had been planning.

Jimmy LOVED 'Home'!
Jimmy LOVED ‘Home’!

She was told at school to give me breakfast in bed and she took on this challenge with gusto. She wrote a menu which was presented to me along with some flowers and a receipt before she read the entire thing to me before saying ‘But you’d better have a bacon and egg muffin because that’s what he’s (Daddy) cooking!’

My flowers and the wonderful menu writeen entirely by my Flobo on her own - clever girl!
My flowers and the wonderful menu written entirely by my Flobo on her own – clever girl!

She gave me the envelope from Girl’s Brigade containing a flower pot made with paper and another home-made card and I just thought, this is it! This is perfect! It was raining and grim outside but we’d decided to go to Thorndon Country Park for the Gruffalo Trail (it’s awesome there) and so we donned wellies and went anyway. I drove us (eeek – still trying to pass my test), parked perfectly although Jonny decided that although it was perfect he would RE park the car to make it a little more perfect – MEN!) and we ran through the woods chasing the characters from The Gruffalo. It was very cold so we didn’t stay too long and then we came home.

A very wet and muddy day!
A very wet and muddy day!
I tried to get Jimmy in this picture but he was scared of the Gruffalo's Child so didn't want to get too close!
I tried to get Jimmy in this picture but he was scared of the Gruffalo’s Child so didn’t want to get too close!

And that was it, nothing terribly fancy, nothing terribly expensive but the best Mother’s Day I’ve ever had because, well, it came from her heart. Little touches and ideas and her constantly telling me she loves me and wishing me a happy Mother’s Day and telling me if I did the washing up she would help me. And Jimmy was yummy and kissed me lots as he always does and it was perfect. A perfect Mother’s Day!