Planning For Later Life!

Planning For Later Life!

I’m sure I wouldn’t be in the minority when it comes to finding it hard to think about death. Everything about it terrifies me and despite being an adult with a mortgage and a family and all the trappings of “life” which mean I SHOULDF think about death, though may it be long into the future, I find myself blocking it with a big dark cross over my vision.

My Mum and her best friend of nearly 40 years are neighbours who met through their children and as single Mums the pair of them have always been so independent and forward thinking. They had little money when I was growing up and pooled resources for all sorts of things from drain rods to child care – they have always been true grown ups in a way I just don’t, or at least haven’t, seen myself. I guess being on their own with no one to rely on but them, they had to be. And they’ve had and continue to have (or will do when lockdown is over) lots of fun together over the years as well as helping each other out with all the nuances of every day life as a parent. But beyond the fun and the every day practical they both also thought very carefully about the future from a young age because, like I said, the shoulders were only theirs and the buck stopped right at their feet. If they didn’t think about it then who would?

My Mum has everything in place for (I hope again far into the future) when it’s time (see, I find it hard to even write the words) and I know she has planned for there to be money to pay for everything. We know from when my Grandparents died that it is not a cheap affair and my lovely Mum just gets things done so money, ideas, plans, it’s all sorted. She’s researched and planned and properly understands what she wants. Her best friend has gone one step even further than that and paid for her whole funeral package already. The deed is done, the choices have all been her own, she has paid up front and just as life insurance affords your family the peace of mind in not having to negotiate financial implications after you’re gone (I do have that I might add – but only as a requirement of my mortgage and through force) this just takes the pressure away. It’s what she wants and I don’t blame her. I think it’s an entirely reasonable thing to force me into really thinking about it myself. Heart of England Funeral care are able to help and then once it’s done, it’s done. Then I REALLY don’t have to think about it ever again!

Unfortunately I know that I do have to think about this (and of writing a will- why do I put these things of?!) but I know it will give me peace of mind once I’ve done it (and become a proper grown up like my Mum and her best pal) and help the people I love too.