Sainsbury’s Panna Cotta Kit!

I don’t use cookery kits very often after a bad experience with a cake pop kit some time ago. They did not go to plan and I rather blamed it on the kit than myself so have steered clear. The only ones I’ve done recently have been cupcake kits with children’s character decorations that you can pick up cheaply as it’s a brilliant rainy day activity and the children don’t mind too much what they taste like, they just want to do some cooking and cake decorating!

However, Sainsbury’s sent me a kit to make panna cotta (£1.20) and I was keen to give it a go. I actually love panna cotta but It strikes me as something which would be very difficult to make so I’ve never even considered it. A kit definitely sounds like a better option although I did think it might not taste as brilliant as panna cottas I’ve eaten in the past from restaurants?!

It’s really simple and you just need to add double cream with semi skimmed milk, whisk it all up then leave it to set in ramekins in the fridge. When they’re set you turn them upside down on the plate and out they pop, perfect looking little panna cottas! I also set some of the mixture into a heart shaped ice cube tray because it’s Valentine’s Day coming up and I wanted to see if it worked, it did!

Making my panna cottas!
Making my panna cottas!

I wanted to decorate mine with something chocolate as Jonny always says desert isn’t worth having unless it’s chocolate based so I melted some Swiss milk chocolate on the stove and added a few spoonfuls of the double cream I had left over to make a very quick and easy ganache. I added a spoonful to top the panna cottas and sprinkled some popping candy (just call me Heston) on top before serving immediately!

Panna Cotta
I was very pleased with how well they came out but even more so with the fact that my little heart shapes worked so well and they tasted SO good – creamy and sweet and very delicate!

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