Sands Alive – Review!

You’ve probably see on my blog that I have a competition to #WinChristmas running with my fellow #SantasLittleHelpers ModernMummy, FamilyFourFun and MummyEndeavours. We ave loads of prizes amounting to over £2K and they will all go to one lucky winner who will have Christmas absolutely sorted! You can enter the competition if you click here.

John Adams have given us quite a few of the prizes in the bundle and one of them is a set of their Sands Alive which sounded super cool so we simply HAD to have a go ourselves! Sands Alive is a sand play set that can be used indoors. Much like real sand it can be used to make castles and other things using moulds. However, unlike real sand the objects you make will stay together and can be picked up. I find it’s similar to modelling dough in that respect yet if you crumble it up in your fingers, it again goes back to being sand like. It also, unlike dough, never dries out!

Florence and Jimmy were sent a set each to play with, the classic and animal sets, both of which come with accessories. In the classic set you get two bucket type moulds, one cone and one cube and fur other moulds meaning you can make a sphere or a barrell. It obviously also comes with a tray and sand as does the animal set but the animal set also comes with a roller so that you can make paw prints in the sand and three animal moulds to make 3D elephants, monkeys and lions.

Sands Alive
The two sets!

Extra sand bags can be bought so that you are able to top up but we found we didn’t really lose much sand as we played and the bits that did find their way onto the floor (we do have a Jimmy of course so some was always going to be spilled) were easy o pick up with a dab of a bigger blob of the sand.

The children thought it was ace and loved making the animals that can be picked up and moved just like dough but also dug and treated like sand!

Playig with the sets and building!
Playig with the sets and building!
The moulds are really effective!
The moulds are really effective!
They have played with the sets lots and ask to have them out every day. They're not messy, tidy away easily and never dry out - perfect!
They have played with the sets lots and ask to have them out every day. They’re not messy, tidy away easily and never dry out – perfect!

The children had a great time rolling, moulding and playing with the sand and we’ve uploaded a video on Florenc’s YouTube channel, Florence’s Toy Box if you’d like to see more, just click here. And don’t forget to go enter the competition to win yourself one of these sets plus a load more prizes to go with it!

We were sent the two Sands Alive sets in the pictures for the purpose of an honest review.



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  1. We’ve never had any of this play sand stuff – it looks like lots of fun but is it horrible if it falls in the carpet or does it hoover up easily? x

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