Sassy Baby – Water And Grow Flower!

I have a few brands of children’s toys that I really, really like and could almost guarantee that they will go down well with the children. Sassy Baby is one of them and we have been lucky enough to have been sent some super new bath toys to try out from their new range. The bath toys have always gone down well in the past so I’ve no doubt in my mind that these ones will too. They always work which is a major plus as often I find bath toys to be a bit hit and miss. It’s a shame but it does seem to be the case. With all the ones we’ve tried for sassy they have always been hits and with our new big box to try I’m hoping for a few more of course.

The box arrived today and I couldn’t resist getting straight down to testing for this evening’s bath time and I knew that the Water And Grow Flower would be just up Florence’s street! Aged 6m+ and it is perfectly safe for Jimmy to play with too but it’s Florence who has been doing all the gardening lately so I thought it best to give it to her. It said to stick the flower post, flower and water mill underneath the flower’s pot to the side of the bath with the sucker on the back. It stuck. So far, so good! Then advised to water the flower with the scoop provided and watch the stem grow! So we did!

As Florence poured more and more water in the flower stem did exactly as it was intended to do and grew upwards, what fun! At the same time the water going into the pot flows out of the bottom and on to the water mill which spins round. It’s a delightful little bath toy and Florence spent the whole time in the bath filling it up, watching it grown then doing it again! Good quality, colourful and it works! We like it very much!

Sassy Water And Grow Flower 4
The Water And Grow Flower in use!

I was not paid to write this post but I was sent the bath toy for the purpose of review.