Sea Life Hunstanton A-Scarium!

Sea Life Hunstanton A-Scarium!

Sea Life Hunstanton is right on the beach in (not so yesterday) sunny hunny which is the most perfect setting. I love Sea Life London but being ON the beach and able to rescue seals for their seal hospital is something else. We are stood here on the beach looking directly at Sea Life Hunstanton a mere stones throw from where we were standing!

When it comes to Sea Life Centres we love them – they are super fun, full of sensory gorgeousness, brilliant for learning and we have to say, the one near us in Hunstanton, is the best! It’s right on the beach in a stunning setting and they have a seal hospital which is the best bit. For half term this October they are also offering their spooky trail as part of their A-Scarium Halloween offering and we went yesterday to check it all out and enjoy the sea life! Wonderful!

You cannot use flash photography inside with the aquariums so the pictures are always a bit rubbish when I take them but trust me, this place is stunning!

This half term to get into “the spirit” they have their usual October A-Scarium where kids are given a magnifying glass (to keep) and a trail to find the letters around the aquarium in order to spell out a secret word and earn themselves some treasure at the end (a Cadbury’s Treasure pot as it goes – good prize, eh)!

Beginning the hunt!
Finding clues!

The trail follows the COVID aware one way system around the aquarium where while indoors anyone over the age of 11 is asked to wear a mask (makes sense) and hand sanitiser is offered in a plenty. There are markings on the floor to ensure social distancing and with boking timed slots for a visit it felt very quiet while we were there – a Saturday in a school holiday (this is a silver lining to the measures don’t you think?) meaning we felt very relaxed and at ease.

The fish are stunning and all three children enjoyed it even thought we’ve been before and actually, rather frequently to the London one. I think this is a trip they never get bored of because it’s so darn gorgeous to watch the beautiful fish, have a hands on with star fish and see those gorgeous seals! Raffie, a sea creature lover, was in his own seventh heaven and just super excited by it all. By the time we got to the sharks and turtles at the end he was quite literally on cloud nine with enjoyment factor!

Having a hands on experience!
Thinking like a fish!
Penguin cove!
Lots to see!

By the time we got out to the seal hospital we’d already had a fill of sensory overload and the children were champing at the bit to see the seals. They weren’t disappointed as there was a pup recuperating in a bay and then outside a few more swimming by to say hi!

Lovely seals!

We ate our lunch outside on a picnic bench and the children were a little disappointed to find the play area (which is a pirate ship on sand and usually lots of fun) still closed – but hey, they are taking safety seriously and we have to just accept that right now. With the beach in sight they were fine when promised a run around on that after our visit!

Before you leave it’s a walk through the shark and turtle tank!

Raffie was out of his mind with happiness at the shark tank which you can walk through before hitting the rain forest and leaving. What a lovely day. I won’t lie, this isn’t a whole day out and I’d suggest penning a couple of hours only without the playground so it’s not inexpensive however it IS worth it because the children always have such a great time.

Part of the Merlin group this is covered on a Merlin annual pass which is something we ALWAYS think about buying but haven’t got around to yet. I think it’s on the cards though…

General admission costs £15.10 in advance on line (you must book a timed slot) but there are also family packages that can be made use of!

We were gifted tickets to Sea Life Hunstanton.