Kung Fun Panda Training School At Shrek’s Adventure To Celebrate Kung Fu Pand 3 On DVD!

This weekend was all about a family day out and home entertainment – one thing to wear us out and the other to soothe us with a snuggle, Kung Fu Pands 3 has just been released for home entertainment so we took our leave from that and went with it.

We tripped off to our old yard London for the day so that we would be bright and early on the Southbank ready for a whirl around Shrek’s Adventure, you may not be aware but Shrek’s Adventure finsihes with a heavy shot from other Dreamworks films and recently has invited Kung Fu Panda into the mix which we couldn’t wait for. I’ve seen the doorway leading inside when we’ve been on other trips to the Southbank but up until now we’d not given it a go. Settled between the London Eye and the London Aquarium (all three Merlin owned attractions), Shrek’s Adventure is an easy walk from over the bridge from either Westminster or Embankment or if you prefer to pop up the right side of the river then a stroll from Waterloo will see you at the door in less than ten minutes. We were there for the first ‘trip’ to ‘Far far Away’ of the day, no one knew we were there to review and with absolutely no special treatment the queue was swift with good information about where to go next and what to do and within about 15 minutes of arriving we were on the tour!

Shrek's Adventure Post 4

Outside Shrek's Adbenture on the Sotuhbank!
Outside Shrek’s Adventure on the Southbank!

Shrek's Adventure Post 12

I was going to make a Vlog of the day but sadly photography is not allowed on the main part of the tour so I had to can that idea and instead take pictures before and then afterwards where actually, a lot of the fun (including Kung Fu Panda based) is homed. But… The tour! It’s fun and as you make your way to ‘Far Far Away’ before the adventure begins you are treated to some very special performances by some very talented actors and then the journey starts with much hopping of ‘Shrekcellent’ as you go.

Shrek's Adventure Post 11

A 4D ‘bus ride’ into the make believe world of ‘Far Far Away’ sees your bus kill one of Rumplestiltskin’s witches and… From then on in you’re on the run. With help from the characters of Shrek you have to make your way back to reality without falling foul to Rumple – the journey is fun, fast and extremely different to anything else we’ve done. Again the actors are ‘shrexcellent’ and the whole thing is incredibly, incredibly clever although actually, a touch too scary for my little ones who clung to me like limpets most of the time which was a shame. It lasts just over an hour and then at the end you get to play with other things at the exhibition which was where Florence and Jimmy really found some fun.

We took my Mum along with us for the adventure!
We took my Mum along with us for the adventure!
Meeting King Julien!
Meeting King Julien!

The children LOVED this part of the tour with the crowning glory being the new Kung Fu Panda Training School! The kids (and me) got to practice our best Kung Fu Panda Skills at various stations, take pictures and pretend we were in the film. For me (and them) this was the best bit. They both love the Kung Fu Panda trio of films and really got into this element of the tour. To coincide with the 11th July launch of Kung Fu Panda 3 on Digital HD and on Blu-ray™ and DVD this was perfect!

Shrek's Adventure Post 7
Shrek Post Post

We had a great time and then made the most of a sunny day in London by having a stroll about and then a quick trip back to Leytonstone where we used to live so that we could catch up with friends before home for our Kung Fu Panda 3 movie night. If you’re a big Shrek or Kung Fu Panda fan then do check out Shrek’s Adventure when in London and until then don’t forget the third film is out for home entertainment – my little ones loved it! They actualy went to see it at the cinema a while back and have been talking about ‘chi’ and doing their Kung Fu panda moves ever since!

The film has the voice of my favourite actor of all time, Dustin Hoffman, who plays Master Shifu who is retiring from teaching and passes his role to Po. Po finds it not as easy as he thought and the film travels with him through this journey of life lessons… It’s another feel good frenetic from the Dreamworks catalogue and with happy smiling faces at home movie night we have no complaints at all! Of course as with all Dreamworks movies there’s plenty for the grown ups to enjoy too and my husband particularly enjoyed the film.

Bluray - non 3D

DreamWorks Animation’s KUNG FU PANDA 3 is out now on Digital HD and on Blu-ray™ and DVD on 11th July

Visit Shrek’s Adventure! London by visiting https://www.shreksadventure.com/london/

We were gifted passes to Shrek’s Adenture to celebrate the launch of the Kung Fu Panda 3 movie and the Kung Fu Panda Training School.


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  1. My kids loved it here. We enjoyed the acts as you go through and at the end a nice photo album to keep of your memories

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