Summer Holidays 2022 – Weeks -1 and 2!

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Summer Holidays 2022 – Weeks -1 and 2!

Welcome to my summer holiday diary for 2022 which is labelled rather strangely for the first weekly entry on account of the fact Florence broke up 2 weeks ahead of everyone else! We still had school routines for that first fortnight she was off but she still had fun and I had to mention a few of the bits we did as they are a part of our summer!

We started the holidays with a birthday weekend away for me, glamping in Suffolk with family and friends!
Unfortunately the little two did get a bit of a sickness bug but they still had fun in between bouts!
And had plenty of opportunity to rest!
It was lots of fun!
And we had a singer perform on the Saturday night for my birthday!
Where Jonny joined in!
We all loved the outdoor bath!
We also had a follow up birthday treat in Southwold for a day on the beach the weekend after!
Sunshine, sand and fish and chips!
Southwold is a fave!
For everything, including ice cream!
Stunning Florence on the stunning beach!
Jimmy flying a kite!
It was like being abroad!
We also had bacon and egg baps on the beach as is now our tradition!
My gang!
Gram came along for the trip!
I wore a bikini!
The boys dug and buried each other!
It was a great day!
Everyone smiled!
Not just for pictures!
I even got in a picture!
Oh and THAT beach!
Then we had the biggest heatwave just before the end of term! Wow, 40 degree heat was NOT the ticket!
We cooled down with water fun in Gram’s garden!
Fun for all ages!
Posie joined in!
What a blast – sleeping at night was NOT fun though!
Exhausting but fun in 8the sun!
Lots of firsts coming up for this one including this moment while we waited outside big school for his first taster which he loved!
With the new firsts comes the old and lasts. This was his last ever playgroup with his besties!
Our last Pensthorpe Thursday as a trio – well, he’s not five until October so you know, maybe we will have a few between September and Christmas!
Raffie graduated nursery and my eyes leaked a lot!
He’s had the best time there!
The last day of term for the boys meant the whole gang are free!
We couldn’t be happier!

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