Summer Holidays 2023 – Week 5!

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Summer Holidays 2023 – Week 5!

Week 5?! Where did the weeks go?! In a way I’ve been willing this week to come so that we could start enjoying our holiday away that wasn’t in a tent, but now we are half way through it! We began the week doing some slow living. The littles and I went to Roarr, Jonny did some work and helped in my Mum’s garden as did the big kids, we bought school shoes (and now dont have to think about school again for a bit), Jimmy went to pre-season rugby (amd LOVED it) and we got straight ready for our holiday. We also ferried children about to parties and generally assisted their fun! I wasn’t bothered about filling the beginning of the week too much as I knew come Friday we’d be off to Southwold, one of my very favourite places, to enjoy a week away with my favourite people. I’d booked our holiday home way back and we’ve been really looking forward to it. The post card so far reads “having a lovely time, despite the weather, wish you were here!” Which is great actually as we are away from home but close enough to it for friends and family to come visit us. There’s a games room in our holiday house and Gram has come with us so we are just enjoying being and doing nothing! It’s great! We feel so lucky to be able to have a holiday. It would have been nice to be abroad, finances were NOT willing, but really it’s about the people you’re with isn’t it. Ad we have the Best people!

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