Superhero Lighting From Philips – Review!

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When we moved house it was very high on my to do list to make sure that the children had the most brilliant bedrooms. They’d spent too long sharing one room, which also had to house Daddy’s guitars and other instruments and having a midi bed stood over Jimmy’s toddler bed for Florence was rather cramped and uncomfortable. There was no room for them to play and no way they could have their individual personalities indulged in just the one space.

Because it had been Florence’s room first it still really remained hers and Jimmy had just had to slot in so it was his room that came first in the new house. I decided upon a ‘superhero’ theme and we really went to town! My Mum and I hand painted a mural on his wall, we bought specially themed bedding and storage boxes and to compliment it we added a red blind with a red light shade. And we’ve been adding to it with little bits here and there ever since!

Jimmy’s room!

And now we have managed to find the perfect light for his superhero bedroom in the form of the Marvel 3D Spiderman wall light from Philips. I saw it at their Christmas in July press show this summer and knew that it had to be his! It’s perfect for kids because it runs using AA batteries (included – bonus) and at the push of a button it will come on for them before turning itself off after 15 minutes. Now Jimmy is a child who likes a bit of light when he goes to sleep but I am a Mummy who wants the lights off over night so this is the perfect compromise!

Think this is gonna be HUGE this Christmas, especially as it comes with other character faces too like Darth Vader!

As I had predicted, when Jimmy saw the light he was absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get it on the wall! Being battery run and LED (bulbs will never need changing) it meant he didn’t have to wait long as there are no tricky cables to negotiate and Daddy was able to put it up right away – Daddy is NOT DIY minded!

He has the mask light just above his head and absolutely LOVES it! He turns it on giving him just enough light and then it turns off 15 minutes later (hopefully when he has fallen asleep)!

He absolutely loves his wall light from Philips which can be bought in a number of retailers and we think it’s the perfect addition to his already super ‘superhero’ themed bedroom – helped that it doesn’t get hot to the touch either so is perfectly child safe in all areas! He thinks it’s cool but so do I!