Tagliata Di Manzo Recipe – #Meat Matters!

Tagliata Di Manzo Recipe – #Meat Matters!

I’ve been making this Italian recipe for my family for absolutely years and it’s one I will always come back to because it’s super tasty (my husband says restaurant quality) and so easy to make – I long ago found it in an Italian recipe book but have tweaked it over the years and I think now it’s at perfection levels, even if I do say so myself without even a hint of Italian blood in me!

Do you need to be able to cook well to make this dish? No way, you just need to be able to keep your eye on the clock for cooking times and that is really it! A half an hour steak dinner from start to finish including resting time – what could be better than that, especially when it’s for the family?!

I use the best quality sirloin steaks I can afford and save money by only buying one steak per two people – it’s all you need on top of the salad it sits on and buttered baby potatoes I serve it with – we like proper portions of course but actually this fills us up despite sounding like you’re only getting half a steak. We even have left overs more often than not but I’ll come back to that little gem in a minute!

And what makes the dish SO scrummy? Well, that would be the salsa verde which, despite its extreme green-ness, the kiddos are all on board with! My top tip here is to get them to pick the parsley themselves from the garden (buy a pot in the supermarket and plant it five minutes before picking if you’ve none growing because trust me, the foraging for ingredients in the garden and then making of this accompaniment themselves is all it takes to get them to eat it)!

So, here goes on my very best beef recipe – good to remember that beef is full of vitamins and minerals, naturally rich in protein and this particular dish is also a very healthy way of eating steak – I love a creamy sauce, of course I do, but I’d choose it this way over that any day of the week! Hope you love my Tagliata Di Manzo as much as I do!

Ingredients for 4 people:

Sirloin steaks x 4, salt and pepper, 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil, a bag of baby new potatoes, a knob of butter, a bag of rocket, a handful baby plum tomatoes, 30g of fresh parsely, 2 garlic cloves, a tablespoon of small capers and a tablespoon of lemon juice.


Take the steaks out of the fridge and massage them with 50ml of the oil before seasoning with the salt and pepper. Bring them up to room temperature by leaving out for ten minutes as you boil the potatoes and make the salsa verde. To do this you simply need to get blitzing: Th garlic, capers, parsley, lemon juice and the rest of the olive oil need to be placed in a bowl before using a hand held blender to make a paste and season to taste. Heat a pan over a high heat and flash fry the steaks for 3 minutes on each side (for rare – add a minute on each side for medium and a minute more for well done) before leaving on a board to rest for a further ten minutes. Meanwhile arrange the rocket and baby plum tomatoes in a bowl and drain your potatoes into a separate dish before adding a knob of butter to melt over them. When your steaks are rested slice them and add to the salad before drizzling your salsa verde over the top. Et voila!

For my husband’s benefit this is just meat and two veg (well, salad) but it is far more decadent that that and is probably my favourite meal at the moment. Lean beef and deliciously fresh accompaniments with that oh so yummy salsa verde is a real winner as far as I’m concerned!

Even more of a winner is to have any left overs (we do have some sometimes honest!) the next day as it can be had topped with a couple of fried eggs for a really tasty brunch – can’t say fairer than that now can you?!

Use left overs and add fried eggs for a tasty brunch the next day yum!

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