The Benefits Of Biological Psychiatry

The Benefits Of Biological Psychiatry

Is it just life events which can cause poor mental health issues or are some of us programmed to have a natural chemical imbalance which means we are forever destined to be in need of psychiatric help? Something we are born with and a natural scientific make up of our bodies just as in the way we look, the way we are made? I think that both causes of poorly minds are just as valid but while we may know exactly where to go and how to seek help when we have reasons for our unhappiness, think how much harder this may be if we have no real pivots with which we can pin point our unhappiness other than it being part of our biological make up.

Some of us, for instance, are well able to deal with massive traumas and life events which are not favourable simply by being the people we are. What luck to have that natural ability to keep a healthy, strong mind and overcome adversity despite being thrown into the lions den but it is no more luck than that of someone who naturally has a body strength. Others perhaps seemingly have no real problems yet find it hard to cope in life and this should absolutely not be dismissed as their weakness. We would not berate someone from having a weakened heart or a lacklustre bone density as a natural part of their physiology so why should we when comparing mental health stability? Sometimes illness is entirely unpreventable or unprovoked regardless of that being in our minds or our bodies and we need to start looking at mental health the same way we do any other issues for it is absolutely something which shouldn’t be judged, sneered at or thought badly of.

BetterHelp offers great information on biological psychiatry which is based on the concept that the disorder is part of the actual brain itself and focuses on the connection between brain functions and behaviours with a goal to prove that physical factors cause mental disorders in some people. Technology and scientific research shows that biological psychiatry which includes neuroscience, psychopharmacology, biochemistry, physiology and genetics can be both the tools to diagnose and to treat. Even mathematical advances in theoretical physics have had an impact on the study of biological mental disorders.

Therapy is perhaps not the route for all but when something is inbuilt in you and programmed to have a default which is not favourable then it really is the only way. Whether born with a condition which affects your mental stability or not, you don not deserve to go through life living with something which can be managed and hopefully cured.

It is said that there are genetic factors in lots of well-known mental disorders such as Bipolar disorders, schizophrenias, depression, psychosis, rage disorders…. The list is long and it means that contrary to some popular belief things might not be able to be helped without a professional. Biological psychiatry can help with both prevention and management of disorders and should be neither dismissed nor badly thought of. It’s life isn’t it, we are all different and we all need help with different things. It’s just the way we are born and yet we don’t have to put up with anything that makes us unhappy when there are lots of ways of coping, healing and managing our lives, loves and our healthy minds.