The Best Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Blow Away Your Mind

The Best Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Blow Away Your Mind

Simply put, who doesn’t want to look their best and rock a stunning look? Well, we all want to look like Jenifer Lopez and Katy Perry, but wait for a second! How do we do it? Thanks to the Instagram handles of celebrity hairstylists, we have access to much more ideas than we had in the past. The celebrity hairstyles are iconic; number one: they’re trending, number two: they’re trendsetters. Therefore, infusing them into our daily looks can make us have a fashion statement of our own.

This article will feature the best celebrity hairstyles that are going to be on the spot for 2022. So try to go through them and see which suits your personality the best:

✔Priyanka Chopra’s Desi Bangs

The brown girl who turned many heads after playing one of the lead roles in Quantico doesn’t seem to leave her fans in awe with her iconic fashion statements. Her latest bangs are giving us major fashion goals now that she has returned to the scene after lockdown.

Her breezy, basic and simple look falls on her forehead, and the wavy touch adds warmth to the total look. What if you saw her in real life, grabbing a cup of coffee from Starbucks, rocking her bangs? You surely would drool over meeting her. So rock this look for a classy evening with your friends.

✔Dua Lipa’s Hair Transformation 

While most of us wouldn’t want to slide an inch out of our comfort zone, this girl has never shied away from experimenting with her looks. Especially if you’re in love with pink highlights, Dua’s hair would be the perfect standard for you.

What’s more interesting is, she knows the perfect length of her hair that suits her personality. Her hairstyle is in coherence with that of Hollywood celebrities, and we love how she has pulled it off with swag of her own.

✔Free Falling Layers

No wonder the free-falling hairs are all over the place. This hairstyle is perhaps the only one that entails putting less effort. Especially if you want to let yourself loose for any occasion, free-falling hairs will help you out.

Or, if you have shorter hair or aren’t vulnerable to being flexible, you can get celebrity hair with hair extensions to look your best. They’ll help you build more volume on your head, and rest assured about looking your best.

✔Short Hair

Short hair has seen a major spark in the interest that celebrities are taking in it due to low maintenance. As of now, short hair has emerged as a cool celebrity hairstyle, and you can blend them in any color of your choice.

From Miley Cyrus to Emma Watson, everyone has tried short hair once in their careers. Plus, this hairstyle is beneficial for every age group. Especially if you want to let yourself loose during the summer season, you can focus on short hair.