The End Of The Lent/Spring Term 2024!

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The End Of The Lent/Spring Term 2024!

I say it all the time about time going to fast but this past term seems to have gone even faster than usual. Maybe because it was the last term before Posie is to start nursery and will be away from me for two and a half days, maybe that’s it? Seems crazy because it was only a tiny while ago Raffie was going to start and Posie had only just been born. Anyway, here we are finishing another term and rolling into my favourite, the summer , and it’s all gone by in another flash. Here’s what we’ve got up to!


As always she’s been working hard at absolutely everything she does, getting great exam results and performing her heart out, giving her best in all areas of the things she does. She’s had to choose her GCSE’s and has added on two extras. If anyone can do it it’s Florence. Wise beyond her years and with the best work ethic I’ve ever encountered, it’s almost like she couldn’t be more different to me because I am super work shy, always have been. All she wants to do is her very best, which is, as it goes, absolutely buckets of brilliance! Go Florence, you make us proud in the shows you perform in, and in the hard work you put in academically, but mostly you make us proud with what a gorgeous human being you are inside and out. Let’s go smash the end of the year too!


Oh Jimmy has taken to high school like a duck to water, he loves it and that’s all I ever wanted for him. To be going into school happy. He’s worked so hard at sports and done really well in academically too. He also is performing a storm with plays and musicals and wow, good for Jimmy! He’s taking it all in his stride but has loved every single second of rugby, being chosen to be in the 7s this term has made his day and though hockey he has found harder, still he gives it his all. As he does with football outside of school too. This next term will see Jimmy’s first Gala at school and I cannot wait to see him perform!


My little Raffster doesn’t really like going to school (I don’t really like him going either, but we don’t tell him that) however, he still works really hard and does well. I know he is well liked and has lots of friends but I think he’d just rather be at home, and who can blame him?! I was exactly the same. He LOVES his dance on a Saturday where he’s part of the Legacy minis boys dance group and he’s even been in a show this last term which made us all a little damp of eye. He and Florence, both members of Workshop Studios, performed in the same showcase which was lovely to see. And Raffie makes us smile every single day with his lovely sense of humour and brilliant grin! He might like the summer term more – I hope!


What can I say? I feel sad that my baby is starting nursery because I shall miss her but she is so ready to go. She is as bright as a button and will run rings around them but I’m going to miss her running rings around me instead. Thank goodness it’s only for two and a half days and that we still get to hang out just us for the rest of the week. Posie, our baby, off to nursery… How can this be? She will be brilliant!

Here’s some of our best bits from Christmas to Easter!

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