THX Sleek And Chic AC Dryer – A Review!

A while back I reviewed the THX Wave Hello hair curler and I absolutely love it! I use it all the time and I even use it to straighten my hair too as my straighteners are so ancient! The curler, when clamped to a section of hair, can just be pulled straight down without winding hair round and it gets my hair lovely and straight! It does loads of different types of curls and waves (it’s intended use) and is so quick to use that even when really pushed for time it’s still possible to get my hair looking decent!

I was delighted then when the guys at THX asked me if I’d like to give another of their products a whirl, one of their hair dryers! My old one was on its way out so it couldn’t have come at a better time! I have loved my old hairdryer however and it did exactly what I wanted it to do, so I kind of thought even if I liked this new one, it probably wouldn’t match up entirely…

The Sleek and Chic AC Dryer from the Total Hair Expert’s Pro Styling range looked the part and promised to reduce static and frizzing so it so certainly sounded like it would fit my needs. My hair is quite thin and wavy and prone to static and frizz; if I don’t blow dry and care for my hair properly fly away waves are exactly what I get and my husband calls me Carol King! Not the best of looks, although I do love Carol! With my old hair dryer I knew that it would blast my hair dry in around 5 minutes which is quick and convenient and as a busy Mum that’s exactly what I want. After drying I would then use my ancient straighteners or the ‘Wave Hello’ tong to lock down the fly away. It’s a method I’ve used for years and don’t really have the time to change so I hoped that this new hair dryer could cope with drying in the same, or even better, less time! I set about my trialling!


The THX Sleek and Chic AC Dryer!

The dryer has a lovely handle which is easy to hold, it’s fairly light and the feel of it is quite soft which is nice. The buttons show that two speeds control the 2000w air flow and there are three different heat settings with a cool button which is incredibly sensitive and easy to press at the same time as drying. I tend to use the dryer on the hottest and fastest setting then finish with a blast of cold air at the end so the button is great for that purpose!


Rotating concentrator nozzle!

The concentrator nozzle which promises precision drying to reduce static and see off frizz for sleek results that last and give a beautifully high shine, is fabulous! It rotates so can be in any position you need it to be. I genuinely believe that this nozzle is worth buying the dryer for alone! My old hair dryer had one too but it was not at all like this one and I never even bothered using it because it seemed to do nothing! This one, for sure, works!


Removable filter and loop to hang it to a hook!

Some other pretty great features are that the filter can be removed for cleaning and just like a pro hairdryer in the salons, it has a loop which can be used to hang it from a hook!


Non tangling cord!

And just as with the ‘Wave Hello’ tong, the cord, even though wrapped around the dryer, does not get tangled! It doesn’t seem to twist up and get in a mess which is great because all my other hair appliances in the past have done this and it’s really irritating!


Natural drying and Sleek and Chic drying!

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding and the end result is brill! My hair in the first picture is as it is when I leave it to dry naturally. In the second picture it’s from a quick five-minute blow dry with the ‘Sleek and Chic’. I didn’t use any products and nor did I even have to use my straighteners or the ‘Wave hello’ to lock down the fly aways afterwards! So, it’s hands down even better than my old hairdryer!

I’m super pleased that with no products and no ceramic action my hair came out of a five-minute hair dry looking like this! (You’ll have to excuse the kitchen mess, it’s the only place I could find to set the camera up and take a picture of myself)!


Me at 7.15 this morning after super quickly getting ready for the day and using the ‘Sleek and Chic’!

The hair dryer also comes with a fab little booklet with great hints and tricks for how to do your hair and make it look salon perfect! Perhaps when I have a bit more time I’ll be able to give a few a go.


Handy hints, tips and tricks booklet!

The Sleek and Chic AC Dryer is sold exclusively at Tesco both on-line and in-store. I have not been paid to write this post but was sent the product for the purpose of review.