Tips for Dressing Your Newborn

Tips for Dressing Your Newborn

Picking your baby’s outfits can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. You want your child to be cozy, warm, but not too warm, and safe. On top of it, you also probably want to take a bunch of cute photos, so fashion plays a role as well. So how do you avoid being overwhelmed? Here are a few tips for dressing up your newborn that will make things a little easier for you. 

Onesie is essential

Onesies or bodysuits are a perfect solution for babies. They make a good base layer, they stay in place and ensure tummies and backs stay safely covered. In order to make diaper changes easier, pick models that have poppers at the front (and down the legs if the item has leg coverings). 

Layer up

Layers are perfect for keeping your baby warm as seasons change. If your onesie doesn’t cover legs, you can accompany it with a cute pair of leggings and socks. Unless the weather is really warm, it’s best to include some sort of sleeved shirt that will provide warmth and protection from the elements. When the winter comes, you can finish the outfit with a jumper or a cardigan. If you don’t know how many layers to include, try this simple calculation: the amount of layers you’re wearing, plus one. 


When heading outside in colder weather, all babies should wear a hat (wool or fleece is great for very cold winters, something thinner is perfect for spring or fall) and gloves. These will keep your child warm together with their winter jacket. Just keep one thing in mind: babies can overheat easily. For that reason, make sure to remove extra layers and accessories as soon as you get somewhere warm, no matter if your baby is awake or asleep. Extra heat will quickly disappear through the head, so remove the hat when indoors. When it’s really cold outside, ensure you have an extra pair of socks to keep little feet warm. 

Have fun with it

Of course, you want your baby to be comfortable and safe, but just because they don’t care about the color or print of their romper, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. It’s okay to dress them up so they look cute and fashionable, even if you’re the only one getting something out of it. For instance, if you’re a golf freak, you can find adorable baby golf outfits that will make your little one the star of every golf club. Or if you love sci-fi or comic books, pick something with your favorite quote or character. As long as you’re choosing comfortable and quality wear, everyone will be happy! 

Choose machine-washable items 

It’s easy to get carried away and pick out only the highest-quality materials. However, new parents have a bunch of chores to handle every day, and you’ll probably have zero time for handwashing. That’s why it’s best if you check every item’s label and ensure they are machine-washable. This will make your life so much easier. 

Ensure safety

While clothing accidents happen very rarely, it’s still smart to avoid some hazardous items. For instance, ensure all decoration and buttons are securely fastened in order to avoid choking, and skip clothing with ribbons or strings that can wrap around the neck. Additionally, no matter how classy and timeless those lacy knits can be, babies can easily get their fingers stuck in the holes and hurt themselves. Ensuring clothing is not too tight is also very important both for safety and comfort. 

If you follow these tips, you will ensure your little one is comfy, safe and stylish. Get ready to take plenty of photos and spend some amazing moments with your newborn—they grow up so fast and soon you’ll have no control over their clothing choices!