Tips for a romantic night with your beloved!

Stuck for ideas for a romantic date? With a little thought and ingenuity you can have an evening that both of you will love. Follow our tips for planning the perfect night.

Go traditional
Dinner dates are popular for good reason – there is something timelessly romantic about being wined and dined. So pick your perfect spot, whether it’s an old favourite or an exciting new place to try, and get dressed to impress.

Stay in for romance
Many couples opt to stay in for a romantic night in, and there are definite advantages to this. Aside from budgetary considerations, staying in also gives you the scope to decorate the room to suit your own tastes, to cook up an extra special treat and to make the most of each other’s company, without any outside distractions. You could set the scene by transforming the living room or bedroom. Try opulent candlesticks, sparkling wine and strawberries for a romantic night in the boudoir.

Think outside the box
It doesn’t have to be all about dinner, candles and flowers. The perfect romantic evening could involve playing a favourite game, giving each other a massage, pretending that you’re camping under the stars (fairy lights are perfect here) or an ethnic styled picnic on your living room floor.

Make yourself beautiful
Just as you put thought into planning the perfect night, whether it is a special night in or a dinner or drinks date on the town, spend a little time getting yourself ready for the occasion. Pick a romantic, sexy 50s style for your hair, choose comfortable but also bright clothes and make your skin beautiful to look at.
For the perfect golden skin, you may want to apply a fake tan. Always tan in advance so you’re not rushing around on the day and the tan has time to develop. Before tanning, wash with warm water and exfoliate the skin thoroughly, avoiding oily scrubs that can leave a residue. Using gloves will help you get into all the corners of your body, but you could also use a loofah. Exfoliation is also great for boosting blood and lymph circulation. You’ll also want to shave your legs before applying the tan.

On the day
Start by taking a warm soak in the bath or a shower to relax and recharge. Spend some time exfoliating your skin to leave it with a smooth and polished appearance.
Don’t forget about your hands and feet – you can soak and exfoliate these too. Then push back your cuticles, apply hand cream or lotion and give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. If you normally wear nail polish, go for a different shade to mark the occasion.
Pay special attention to your face, applying a moisture mask to your face to leave the skin beautifully soft and dewy. Then add an illuminating foundation all over and a pink blush on your cheeks. For romantic eyes, go for a sultry, smoky look with charcoal and lighter shades of grey, adding black mascara and black eyeliner along the line of the lashes. Or you could keep them softer with pale pink or other light shades, using brown eyeliner and brown mascara. Use baking soda to exfoliate and soften lips before adding the gloss of your choice, close the door behind you and get ready to enjoy the night.

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