The Careway Two Week Tooth Challenge – Part 2!

Two weeks ago my family and I joined in with a two week teeth cleaning challenge set to us by which is a health hub for people wishing to locate their nearest pharmacy and features specialist healthcare advice and interactive tools to help people keep track of their health.

Careway recently conducted a survey of over 2000 people and it showed that one in five parents don’t have the time to oversee children cleaning their teeth. Two minutes is the recommended time that we brush but the survey showed that children aren’t being observed and also, even if they were, more than two thirds of the adults didn’t know that brushing is recommended for 2 minutes! Apparently only 15% were informed of the long term health issues associated with poor dental care such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes and I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t have a clue about that either! I thought having bad teeth was disgusting because it looks horrible but I had no idea of the other repercussions!

So, Careway asked us to use a plaque revealing tablet at the start of the fortnight before using a fluoride based toothpaste and brushing for 2 minutes twice a day and doing the same again. I was staggered at the results. After the first tablet I thought my teeth looked pretty clean and I did wonder if there would be any difference at all… But… There absolutely is!

We were sent a two week tooth challenge pack by Careway!
We were sent a two week tooth challenge pack by Careway!

Jonny and I tried the tablets 2 week’s ago but they recommend the children don’t use them until they’re over 6. We ALL took the challenge however and teeth brushing has been exactly as they asked, twice a day, for two minutes each time. Two minutes is actually a lot longer in reality than you think it would be and this just shows how much I was leaving out prior to the challenge. We used to be in and out but now we are taking our time because we know how important it is!

I had thought using an electric toothbrush would be better and Florence has one too but I suppose if you don’t brush for the right amount of time, both in the morning and the evening then it doesn’t really matter!

Avent Toothbrush Post 1
Florence enjoys brushing her teeth, here she is doing it herself about a year and a half ago. I’ve often left her to do her own teeth as she has a children’s electric toothbrush and I thought that would be better but I wasn’t monitoring how long and you can turn the button off so that it stops – the trick is actually just to be more diligent and observe them!

So this past fortnight I’ve been watching the children and helping them and making sure I do my own for the right amount of time too. It has absolutely made a difference so we will be continuing with the advice. I also saw some advice on television which says you mustn’t rinse after brushing and that leaving the toothpaste in your mouth is much better for your teeth. I’ve ALWAYS rinsed so I really was doing everything all wrong – not anymore!

Jonny and I took the tablets two week’s ago and this was the result!

And the plaque revealing tablets showed more than I wanted them to!
Before, I thought they were pretty clean so through luck not judgement we weren’t doing too badly but I know the challenge has made a difference!

So even though somehow, despite quick cleans and rinsing, my teeth weren’t too bad to begin with, I can feel that they are so much cleaner after the challenge. Jonny is working away so I’ll have to get his after shot at a later date but here’s mine!

After, they feel so much cleaner and they look it too!
After, they feel so much cleaner and they look it too!

I used a tablet to show up the plaque just as I did at the beginning of the challenge but it stuck less, even on my gums and lips… I’m definitely not changing the routine now and the challenge is now just how I brush my teeth! I’m really pleased I took the two week challenge set by Careway and I will definitely be using their website for pharmacy information in the future!

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