There’s A Tooth, Loose, Aboot This Hoose!

Another week in the Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby household and we’ve been wrapping up very warm. Suddenly the cold has hit and not in a tickling, it’s coming soon kind of way but in a final, it’s here to stay melody and hats, gloves and scarves are the order of the very chilly day.

I don’t mind so much because I love winter fashions and turning the twinkling lights on in the evening as the wind bustles outside the window is very pleasing indeed. We’ve been cuddling up, snuggling on the sofa, watching lots of movies and spending time with Gram (my Mum) who has come to stay for the week. The only down side to the weather is the germs we all seem to catch and we ALL have a cold in varying degrees. Poor Florence had to have a rare day off school with a respiratory infection and is on antibiotics. Still, they’re kiciking in and she’s feeling much better now.

Things which have turned my frown upside down this week: 

Watching Florence in her school micro musical which was super sweet, she also lost her third tooth which is a first for her top set giving her a wonderful gappy smile, we enjoyed a brilliant birthday party for a friend at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead, the children made me laugh lots by singing the Volcano song from the beginning of the film ‘Inside Out’ in perfect unison if not in perfect harmony, Florence got on GOLD at school THREE times, we enjoyed watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Elf’ on DVD on Florence’s duvet day, we had videos and phone calls from Father Christmas (thanks Portable North Pole), my Christmas knitting project is still going well and the wonder of Christmas is fully setting in.

My little 'English Rose' in her micro musical at school!
My little ‘English Rose’ in her micro musical at school!
There was a tooth, loose, aboot this hoose!
There was a tooth, loose, aboot this hoose! The tooth fairy left £2 AND two GIANT chocolate coins, one for Florence and a note to give one to Jimmy for ‘helping’ to knock her tooth out – even if that was throught the medium of jumping directly at her from the sofa!
One of many of the mini stockings I am knitting for two different projects!
One of many of the mini stockings I am knitting for two different projects!

Jimmy has also continued to pull out some blinding one liners from his bag this week!

1.  He has a tendency to put a ‘Mc’ before lots of places that aren’t McDonalds but which must make it                    sound like all we do is eat fast food: 

‘Do you like this blue flag Mummy? I made it for you at Mc-scover!’

Talking about when he went to Discover Sotry Centre – A world away from fast food chains!

2.  As we passed houses on a car journey:

‘Look Mummy, another house with a Burger-ralarm’

Say ‘Burger-ralarm’ out loud, it absolutely DOES sound like ‘burglar alram – we like it Jimmy’s way!’

3. After wearing one of Daddy’s jumpers for the whole of one evening and then taking it off by pulling the neck down over his body and stepping out of it my Mum told him he would strEtch the neck, he replied with:

‘But I want to ‘scrAtch’ the neck!’ (followed by a shrug)

And then he ate his tea with the neck around his waist as if that was the way normal people sit in jumpers! 

4. After I said to him ‘I love you little boy’.

‘I love you too little Mummy. You’re not the size of Daddy, yes because you are shorter.’

Too cute!

Great jumper dress Jim-bob - well styled!
Great jumper dress Jim-bob – well styled!

Happy weekenders everyone!

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  1. I can remember when my mum used to tie a piece of cotton around a loose tooth and pull it that way. The tooth fairy only used to leave sixpence!!!

  2. I love the little stocking, I wish I was able to see and knit well! The hat is cute too 🙂 x

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