Voucher Codes – A Money Saving Summer!

How do you budget during the school holidays? Can be tricky huh! Lots and lots of empty days to fill but still the same old purse strings…

You might be interested to know then that Voucher Codes are putting together a Summer Survival Guide to compliment their popular Kids and Family Finances paper which they wrote for New Year.

The guide will include tips from other parents and experts on how you can spend your time having fun while saving money to keep the costs of summer down!

I’ll share it as soon as it’s ready but perhaps you’ll get some idea from the Voucher Codes party video I have made. We went to visit Voucher Codes and share some of our own money saving tips with them for the paper last weekend and we had so much fun taking part in the activities they put on for us. We were having a Florence and Mummy only day and it was super fun!

Some were super simple like a shower curtain on the floor to be felt tipped on or home-made salt dough which had the children entertained for hours! Total budget options but not losing any of the fun factor!

Hope you like our video as much as we enjoyed testing out some of the tricks! We had a great afternoon with friends Emily, Katy, Lauren and Clare as well as their little ones!

I went to a party to discuss tricks for money saving over summer.