What Florence Said…

My sister-in-law Tory wrote a piece on her blog about my nephew and entitled it What Arthur Said…  I thought it was very funny so decided to copy her and tell you about one of Florence’s funnies. Children really do say the funniest things and Florence comes out with some corkers. Some of them sweet and some of them hilarious but one this week was a mixture of everything. I should have really been a bit cross but I just couldn’t be because she was super cute and mixed with it was a big helping of her addiction to Sellotape – seriously a few rolls and some paper and she’s away for a good afternoon!

So I was sitting tapping away on the computer and could hear the roll of Sellotape being plundered but I didn’t bat an eye lid. She’s always taping things up, shut or together…

A while later she came in and this is how our conversation went:

F: Don’t worry about this Mummy but…

Me: What?

F: Just don’t worry ok because I’ve done something about it.

Me: What have you done about what Florence?

F: Well… I went in the kitchen and helped myself to some orange juice.

Me: Oh, did you? You’re not really allowed to do that are you?

F: Well… No, I know and something happened but it’s ok now.

Me: What happened with the orange juice Florence?

F: Well I spilled some somewhere but I’ve covered it up with tissues and taped them all down so that you and Daddy will never see it.

Me: (Slightly worried about the carpet) The thing is Florence, if you spilled juice it needs to be cleaned up and…

F: Yes I know, but I had no cleaning things so I covered it and now you and Daddy won’t see it but…

Me: But?

F: But I thought I’d better tell you. Just in case you DID notice… But please don’t worry!

Me: Which floor did you spill it on Florence? (Thinking please say kitchen tiles, please say kitchen tiles!)

F: No Mummy, not the FLOOR! I spilled it inside your bed.

Me: OH NO! (Realising this was not a kitchen contained mess I run through to my room and find…)

Orange Juice On Bed


F: See Mummy, you don’t need to worry, I’ve sorted it all out and you and Daddy won’t even see it!

Bless her little loveliness! She really tried to cover it up and it was only the tiniest spot too! She’s a good little helper. I just love the things she says and does! Jimmy fell off the table yesterday and knocked a plant off as he went down, Florence said ‘You deal with the nose bleed and I’ll do the tidying of the plant’ as she hurriedly picked up the stones from inside the pot. She then came through to the bathroom as I was trying to stop the bleeding and said. ‘I’ve done everything but a little bit of compost which you can hoover up when Jimmy stops bleeding’.

I love the things Florence says…


We’ve had a much needed restful week which has been brilliant and although we have still been out and about, we have been sticking closer to home. It’s been lovely to not have too much tube travel and just relax a bit.

We had a day at the park earlier on in the week and not just any park either! The new Olympic Park play ground has opened and it’s lovely.We didn’t even get past the sand pit area as the children just wanted to splash about and climb on the rocks. It’s brilliant with bridges and water pumps but apparently the play area goes back a long way with lots of other equipment too! We shall have to go back soon!

Olympic Park 2
Having lots of fun at the Olympic Park Playground!

The only thing that put a dampner on the day was when I went to buy an ice cream in the cafe and only shop for at least a twenty minute walk and they had none. In fact, the only thing similar on sale was home made sorbet. At £3 a pop! Not really very suitable for a cafe in a children’s play area and not very in keeping with the ‘inclusive’ theme eh?! Still, we  bought a Mr Whippy when we got home from the local ice cream van and weren’t too disappointed!

All the ice creams with flakes and long days of glorious sunshine has made this week feel like a summer from my 80’s youth. It’s lovely!

Well, that’s it for another week and what a week its been too too – may this sunshine keep rolling! See you again next week and in the mean time please do follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby.

I was not paid for any part of this post.

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  1. I am laughing so much about the orange juice incident! Bless Florence, such a clever girl to think about covering and taping it up!!! x

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