Why install a pergola with retractable canopy?

Why install a pergola with retractable canopy?

With the sun shining once again, the feeling of wanting to go outside gets stronger and stronger by the day. Of course, that feeling quickly goes away once I step outside and feel how cold it is. However, it does feel good to enjoy brighter days and I’m sure you feel this way too!

Does it not make you think about the upcoming seasons? Does it not make you think about enjoying time outside in the garden? It does for me. My outdoor space is one of my favourite parts of the house (if not the one I like the most!), so perhaps I’m a bit biased but I can’t wait to spend more time outside.

With this in mind, I started wondering how do others make the most out of their outdoors? Does everyone just neglect their garden or patio during the cold months? Could I add something to my outdoors, such as a pergola or gazebo, that could help me maximise my time spent outdoors?

This is when I found pergolas with retractable roofs – an innovative and modern outdoor structure that seems to trump most outdoor structures in the market. You can buy a pergola with retractable canopy at Designer Shade Solutions, shading specialists who have been designing and installing retractable roofs for years.

What is a pergola with a retractable canopy?

Also known as a pergola with retractable roof or retractable pergola canopy, this type of outdoor structure features the aesthetics of a traditional pergola combined with a retractable roof system or retractable canopy. As Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs mentions, “retractable roof pergolas are inclusive of a retractable roof that can easily open and close as required or as the weather permits.”

What are the benefits of a retractable canopy pergola?

  1. Versatile outdoor structures.

“Retractable roof pergolas can be self-standing structures that can be installed anywhere in your outdoor space or can be installed into your current property as an extension to your current living space.” Says Wood Create in a recent blog post. Retractable roof pergolas can be installed in the middle of your garden as a stunning centrepiece, can cover your outdoor dining space or outdoor kitchen for some shade and weather protection or can be attached to your property to offer a seamless transition between indoor living and outdoor living.

  • Fully customisable.

Pergolas with retractable roofs by Designer Shade Solutions can be fully customised to meet your shade, design and function requirements. Midlands Traveller explains that these retractable roof pergolas can be complemented with heating, lighting and side glass screens. When all of these add-ons are added to a pergola, you will create an ultimate outdoor retreat that will give you the comfort of an indoor space and the panoramic views of an outdoor space.

Retractable canopy pergolas have plenty of other benefits that truly make these outdoor structures the best solution for any outdoor area. I can just imagine being outside rain or shine inside my lovely retractable roof pergola and fully enjoy my outdoor space as I’ve always wished for.

What do you think of these modern pergolas?