Will Quick-Step Vinyl Resist Foot Traffic?

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Will Quick-Step Vinyl Resist Foot Traffic?

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Heavy foot traffic within your home can be anything from children running to pets scampering through the house to a room used for more social gatherings and business meetings.

These rooms are typically high-traffic areas requiring a highly durable floor to withstand the rigorous amounts of people who come through daily. Many homeowners believe that hardwood flooring is best suited to withstand the ongoing demands, but better alternatives have long-term benefits.

Vinyl Flooring

With many alternatives trying to pique interest and tout as the best, it can be confusing as to which one is more suitable for your specific requirements whilst trying to match the style you seek. With heavy foot traffic as the prime concern, it is much easier on the mind and bank account with the luxury vinyl flooring options.

Tile flooring may seem a good choice for durability and aesthetics, but it does come with a risk of cracking or rising with the temperature. Having luxury vinyl tile perfectly replicates whatever design you want whilst providing extra security in its design is a much better and cheaper option.

Vinyl tile is resistant to moisture which makes it ideal for both the kitchen and bathroom, ensuring no uplift from rising temperature or subfloor ruin through leaking between partitions. Whilst many like the stylish stone or slate designs in their kitchens, luxury vinyl tile provides a perfectly replicated product that is highly durable.

Wooden Floor

Everyone loves the look and feel of hardwood flooring in the home, especially in living rooms to add a sense of class and a vibe of back to nature and Engineered Wood Flooring is a brilliant option too.

Hardwood floors are a great option, but they are more prone to rot and discolouration than any other flooring option and can scratch or stain than other alternatives.

Luxury vinyl flooring offers realistic-looking wood products in planks that provide comfort underfoot and high footfall for living rooms. They also have a higher protective measure against scratches, stains and discolouration – making them a high-market product at a low price.

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Various Designs

Quick Step flooring provides many variations of woods and stones, slate, ceramic and marble effects to fully explore different tastes and palettes. Many people tend to find most flooring options are sparse when it comes to selections on offer, so it comes with a lot of relief that Quick-Step’s ranges provide an extensive selection to select the right tone and style wanted.

When you want the most durable and practical option for your home space, luxury vinyl flooring – such as oak vinyl flooring – is the best product, and Quick-Step vinyl flooring is the highest quality for heavy traffic areas throughout the home.

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